Fungsi Public Relations dalam Menjalankan Aktivitas Corporate Social Resposibility

Iwan Sukoco


The purpose of this research is to study the function of Public Relations (PR) in carrying out the activities of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This study also examines whether the PR function involves implementation, development, dissemination and promotion and CSR activities to support the achievement of corporate goals. The method used in this study is qualitative methods by implementing the design of case studies. The data were collected through in-depth interviews, documentary studies, and participant observation. The Respondents in this study are the stakeholders in PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia Area III West Java and Banten. The result of this study indicates that the PR function can work synergizely with CSR to support the achievement of corporate goals. CSR activities can support the function of PR in creating a positive image and foster a harmonious relationship.


Corporate Social Responsibility; Stakeholder; Public Relations; Image

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