Vol 5, No 3 (2020)

Democracy and Political Expression

Some of the manuscripts have been presented in Symposium on Indonesian Politics 2019 which is organized by Political Science Program Universitas Negeri Semarang and Indonesian Inter-university Association for Political Science (APSIPOL).
  • Available since December 28, 2020.
  • Statistics: Received 21 articles, Rejected 11 articles, Accepted 10 articles, Published 10 articles, Retracted 0 articles.

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Research Article

Amin Tohari
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.22832 Views of Abstract: 124
Auradian Marta, Leo Agustino, Kittisak Jermsittiparsert
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.21272 Views of Abstract: 80
Fathur Rahman, Anang Sujoko
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.24928 Views of Abstract: 133
Harris Usman Amin, Muhadjir Darwin, Hakimul Ikhwan, Siti Syamsiyatun
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.26757 Views of Abstract: 80
Hatta Abdi Muhammad, Muhammad Yusuf
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.24026 Views of Abstract: 109
Luthfi Makhasin, Bowo Sugiarto
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.25692 Views of Abstract: 60
Muhammad Ridho Rachman, Sri Budi Eko Wardhani
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.21550 Views of Abstract: 62
Siti Khoirnafiya
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.21138 Views of Abstract: 184
Siti Muslikhatul Ummah, Ardian Bakhtiar Rivai
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.21963 Views of Abstract: 52
Tri Lestari Hadiati, Darmawan Tri Budi Utomo
10.15294/ipsr.v5i3.26577 Views of Abstract: 68