Paramita: Historical Studies Journal

Paramita Jornal is published by History Department, Faculty of Social Science collaborated with the organizers of Indonesia Historians Society (IHS). Paramita  firstly was published in 1990 based on SIT: No. 100/ PT 36 H.FIS/ 1990 and ISSN: 0854-0039. Since 2011, Paramita has accredited (B) according to a decision from Directorate General of Higher Education Number : 81/DIKTI/Kep./2011.

The range of carried studies in the publication includes philosophy studies, theory, methodology, reconstruction, and history learning.  At that time, the editorial staff of Paramita Journal is led by Prof. Dr. Wasino, M.Hum. Besides, the editorial members of Paramita Journal  are : Dr. Restu Gunawan, S. Nawiyanto, Ph.D, Dr. Suwito Eko Pramono, Dr. Cahyo Budi Utomo, Dr. Hamdan Tri Atmaja, and M. Shokheh, M.A., Tsabit Azinar Ahmad, M.Pd.

Paramita editorial staff is located in by History Department, Faculty of Social Science  in Semarang State University, Sekaran Campus, first floor in C5 building,  Gunungpati, Kota Semarang, Phone. (024) 850 8012. email: website:

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