Extraction of Citric Acid From Orange Peel as Whitening Ingredient of Toothpaste

  • Firda Pratiwi Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia
  • Jullyandre Karunia Tinata Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia
  • Andri Widyan Prakasa Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia
  • Istiqomah Istiqomah Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia
  • Eko Hartini Dian Nuswantoro University, Indonesia


Citrus is a fruit plant with a high production rate in Indonesia’s  plantation industry. A wide variety of content in citrus are benefical for body, such as 40 mg of calcium per 100 mg of citrus are benefical for teeth and bones. In addition, there is also Citric Acid compound. Citric acid can replace flouride and detergents that usually use as whitening ingredients of toothpaste to whiten teeth. The purpose of this research is to extract citric acid from orange peel as teeth whitener. This research is a quasi-experimental. Citric acid extraction was carried out on the type of Sweet Orange (Citrus Aurantium L), Tangerine (Citrus Reticulata Blanco or Citrus Nobilis), Pommelo (Citrus Maxima Merr, Citrus Grandis Osbeck), and Lemon (Citrus Limon Linn). Citric acid’s ability test as teeth whitener was performed on premolar teeth with concentrations of 2,5%, 5%, and 10%. The experiments was replicated 3 times, and teeth were measured using Shade Guide VITA Classical.  The result of this research showed that citric acid in every kind of orange peel with various concentration have different abilities on whitening teeth. The highest color level obtained from Tangerin peel’s citric acid concentration of 5%.