The Linkage of Problem Solving Between Geometry and Algebra: What Is Their Correlation?

  • Abi Suwito State University of Malang, Malang, Indonesia
  • Ipung Yuwono State University of Malang, Malang, Indonesia
  • I Nengah Parta State University of Malang, Malang, Indonesia
  • Santi Irawati State University of Malang, Malang, Indonesia


This research aims to determine the students’ geometry ability through algebra, and to find out algebra ability in solving geometry problems. Students are required to work on the geometry questions and solve those using algebra. In vice versa, students are given the algebra questions in the nuance of geometry to be completed. Then, the students' answers are traced with interviews to determine the ability of students in answering the question of algebraic geometry, and vice versa. There are two subjects of research from junior high school students in grade9th. The study was conducted in four weeks. The solving problems used think a loud method and interviews which were conducted three times. After the interviews, it is found out that there is a correlation between the students’ ability of geometry and students’ ability of algebra. This statement againsts the (Atiyah,2001; Charbonneau, 1996; Kvasz, 2005) opinion which said that is not easy to connect geometry and algebra.   In the solving problems, it was found that the subjects were using algebra and geometry modeling. Algebra and geometry has a very strong relationship. Students who have the ability to better geometry will have good algebraic ability as well, and vice versa.