Online Fuzzy C-Means Clustering for Lecturer Performance Assessment Based on National and International Journal Publication

  • Aldi Nurzahputra
  • Much Aziz Muslim
  • Roni Kurniawan


One way that can be done to determine the quality of lecturer performance is to conduct an assessment of the number of scient ific
publications have been conducted by the lecturers. The data of Mathematic and Natural Science Lecturer Lecturer, Unnes, totaled 160
lecturers will be assessed based on national and international journal publications. By using these data sources, will be app lied data
mining using Fuzzy C-Means algorithms and clustering method. Clustering method is one of the main methods of data a nalysis to help
identify a grouping of data objects (cluster) of the dataset. The data of lecturer journal publications will be processed by a variable that
is used as the assessment benchmark are index Scopus, journal accreditation, and the index DOAJ. So it will be found knowledge,
information, and performance assessment of lecturers into four clusters which consisting of various lecturers. From the results of
clustering using C-Means Clustering then obtained the FMIPA lecturer performance assessment on national and international journal