Mini Bulb Projector: A Teaching Aid for Topic on Optical Devices and Light

  • Sukma Indra Laksmana
  • Rizsa Candra Asih
  • Fidia Fibriana


A student mastery of study material can be observed from their level of understanding on the concept given by the teacher. Th e more
visible the concept, the easier student comprehend it. However, there are many natural sciences phenomena which ar e invisible to the
naked eyes; even though we can see the effects, such as atoms, static electricity, rainbow, tsunami, etc. These abstract conc epts often
make students hard to understand them. Therefore, the teachers need the teaching aids to help facilit ate the students to imagine the
event or how the concept occurs. This project aims to develop an integrated teaching aid called "mini bulb projector" that co mbines the
study materials on optical devices and light. This teaching aid was made of simple mater ials which are easy to obtain, to assemble and
to manipulate both by students and teachers. We hope that the teacher can use this teaching aid in our next study to deliver the topic of
optical device and light to the student effectively.