Dissemination Products Applications Based Digital Math Game with Java Local Wisdom Into Learning Mathematics in Higher Education

  • Achmad Buchori Semarang PGRI University
  • Sudargo Sudargo Semarang PGRI University
  • Noviana Dini Rahmawati Semarang PGRI University


The purpose of this study was to produce a final product in the form of Digital Math Game app based on local wisdom at java on the subject math in senior high school used in mathematics education courses at the Semarang PGRI University and Semarang Sultan Agung Islamic University. This research use method development model Borg and Gall are on their implementation to the stage of finalization of the product 1-10 that stage and dissemination of products to elicit a response from the user includes experts, lecturers and students of the digital products math game.

From the research results can be concluded that the Digital Math Game based on local wisdom at java has valid  which is validated by experts, namely: (1) validation of subject matter experts with a percentage of 90%, then 2) Validation of media experts with a percentage of 87%. While based on a questionnaire for product acceptance by the lecturer and students of mathematics education programe in UNISSULA Semarang  obtained an average percentage of 86% means that faculty and students UNISSULA Semarang agreed that Math Game Digital media products can be used as a medium of learning in the classroom. While the level of acceptability of products digital math game in the department of mathematics education UPGRIS by lecturer and students earned average percentage is 88%, meaning that products digital math game is very acceptable for use as a medium of learning courses high school math because it is capable of displaying the content interesting material and capable implementing local culture in the media. Validity and acceptability of digital products math game is expected to facilitate lecturer and students in mathematics learning anywhere and anytime, especially mathematics education study programs in Central Java. From the results of over two years, the data showed that digital media of  math game has been valid that is validated by experts at an average of 85%, then gets the user response in University PGRI of Semarang and Semarang Sultan Agung Islamic University, namely 76.5%, and the mean average results of student learning at the University PGRI of Semarang and Semarang Sultan Agung Islamic University are 84.5 and 83.33. From percentage of expert validation results, the user response and the results of student learning, the digital product of math game is declared valid, practical and effective used in the process of mathematics learning in college.