Integration of STEM Education In Learning Cycle 6E To Improve Problem Solving Skills on Direct Current Electricity

  • Dewi Susanti Kaniawati SMAN 1 Cikijing Majalengka, Indonesia
  • Suryadi Suryadi SMAN 1 Cikijing Majalengka, Indonesia


This study has been conducted to investigate the improvement of problem solving skills students who has been subject Learning Cycle (LC) 6E teaching model combined with STEM on direct current electricity concept. Syntax of LC 6E learning model are: 1) Engage, 2) Explore,3) Engeneer 4) Explain, 5) Expand , and 6) Evaluate. Integration of STEM education in this research is apply and practice STEM content to integrate technology, engeneering and mathematics. The pre experiment methodology was used in this study. The research includes one group pretest-posttest design. The subjects of the research consist of 40 students at 10th grade of  one of high  school existing in Kabupaten Majalengka. The data collection tools for the research are 4 essay of problem solving skills test with indicator identify of problems, description of strategies, solve the problems based on the data, giving the reasons solutions. As a result of the research, it was found that implemention STEM in Learning Cycle 6E in direct current electricity  improvement of problem solving skills of students. The N-gain value was 0,76.