The Analysis Of Mathematical Literacy And Self-Efficacy Of Students In Search, Solve, Create, And Share (SSCS) Learning With A Contextual Approach

  • Mulyono Mulyono Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia
  • Dewi Indah Lestari Universitas Negeri Semarang, Indonesia


Mathematical literacy is one of the important skills that should be owned by the students, because it is help students to understand mathematics and use it in the real world. Students can develop their mathematic skills if they have high self-efficacy toward mathematics. This study aims to analyze the mathematical literacy skills and self-efficacy of students using SSCS learning with contextual approach. The study show that the mathematical literacy of students achieve completeness criteria in classical, mathematical literacy of students are taught using SSCS learning with contextual approach is better than the students who are taught using conventional learning, and SSCS learning with contextual approach can improve student’s self-efficacy.