Submitted manuscripts will be pre-reviewed by the editors, determining whether the manuscripts have conformed to Journal of Indonesian Legal Studies (JILS)’s submission guidelines. Manuscripts which have conformed to the journal’s style will be peer-reviewed. JILS is a double blind peer-reviewed journal which involves many reviewers of experts in relevant field of laws. Final decision of manuscript acceptance is solely decided by the editors according to reviewers' comment.

Manuscripts will be sent to two reviewers based on their expertise and specialisation or their historical experience in reviewing manuscript.  JILS has reviewing forms in order to keep same items reviewed by two reviewers. Then editorial board make a decision upon the reviewers comments or advice. Reviewers give their assessment on originality, clarity of presentation, contribution to the field/science, JILS  has four kind of decisions:

  1. Accepted, as it is
  2. Accepted by Minor Revisions (let authors revised with stipulated time)
  3. Accepted by Major Revisions (let authors revised with stipulated time)
  4. Rejected (generally, on grounds of outside of scope and aim, major technical description problems, lack of clarity of presentation)



Editorial                            [  ] Open Submissions     [X] Indexed      [   ] Peer Reviewed
Editorial Commentary   [  ] Open Submissions     [X] Indexed      [   ] Peer Reviewed
Research Articles            [X] Open Submissions    [X] Indexed      [X] Peer Reviewed
Review Articles                [X] Open Submissions    [X] Indexed      [X] Peer Reviewed
Book Review                    [X] Open Submissions    [X] Indexed      [   ] Peer Reviewed



Plagiarism and self-plagiarism are not allowed. JILS uses plagiarism checker to screen articles for detecting plagiarism. Detection of overlapping and similar text is used there and so quotations and appropriate citations have to be used whenever required. For checking Plagiarism, JILS Editorial Board will screen plagiarism with using Turnitin. If it is found plagiarism indication (above 20%), editorial board will reject manuscript immediately.

Before publishing, it is required to obtain written confirmation from authors concerning to Originalty Statement from Author(s). This statement is to be signed by at least one of the authors who have obtained the assent of the co-author(s) where applicable.