Lex Scientia Law Review Volume 4 Number 1 May 2020 raised the main topic of "The Legal Paradigm in National Defense and Security", which is expected to provide a breakthrough to answer the challenges of legal problems that have arisen as a result of the development in this era. Understanding of the Legal Paradigm in National Defense and Security as a perspective of the law itself and the social conditions that can affect and provide threats to national defense and security. The legal paradigm will certainly continue to evolve and keep up with the times of the times so that there are often differences of opinion in society. The difference that emerges certainly gives a new color and perspective on the law itself which is present amid society. The writings that are present in this edition consist of several writings and case analyzes that contain various diverse perspectives from students throughout Indonesia regarding the understanding of "Legal Paradigms in National Defense and Security" within the scope of sub-themes: (1) International Law, (2) Law and Technology, (3) Agrarian Law, (4) Social Politics, (5) Economics.

Published: 2020-05-09