METODOLOGI TRANSMISI KEILMUAN ISLAM KLASIK Upaya Reaktualisasi Metodologi Pengajaran

Ismail Fahri


To preserve the past inheritance is a task for our next generation. Recorded inhistory, classic Muslims has bequeathed prosperity and glory. One of the examples iseducation. The progress of Muslim education is supported by many factors. One ofthem is teaching method. The good teaching method of course will produce generationwhich has a certain quality. Historically, teaching method of classic Muslim hasbrought the advance and fragrance toward Muslim in other countries' eye in the world.But, the past victory is just only a beautiful memory because the next generationcannot able to preserve classic culture. Teaching method becomes a problem since thatmethod does not have influence in developing personality and intellectual quality.Teaching method in institute of Muslim education still oriented on the conventionalmethod. The material delivery is dominated by speech method or "delivery system".The implication of that case will emerge a generation with linear, divergent andsystematic way of thinking. Whereas, now days is much needed convergent andcreative thinking. Looking back at this condition, the investigation of inheritance ofclassic teaching method should be done, so that can be re-actualization for institute ofMuslim education.Kata kunci : transmisi keilmuan islam klasik, reaktualisasi

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