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South Resort Urban Area Project in Da Lat

by Cecilia Wray (2020-06-26)

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South Da Lat urban area, also known as Dai Ninh eco-tourism and commercial urban area, is produced by Saigon Dai Ninh Group and Meinhardt multinational corporation (Australia). That is regarded as the biggest and most important project ever in Vietnam. The project is designed to be described as a sustainable development urban area, combining eco-tourism and environment friendliness.
Project's name: Nam Da Lat resort urban area;
Investor: Saigon Dai Ninh Group and Meinhardt multinational corporation (Australia);
Location: Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province;
Total project area: 3,595.45 ha, including Dai Ninh lake, convalescent pine forest land and non-forestry land;
Type of product: apartment, villa, hotel;
Project scale: includes 6 subdivisions:

+ Zone A - East Asian residential area (Lavender Bay);
+ Zone B - Summer Palace (Summer Palace);
+ Zone C - Resort service area (Paradise island);
+ Zone D - Central urban area (davos hill nam dalat Hills);
+ Zone E - Park of green trees, sports, flower garden (Flower Palace);
+ Zone G - The sun gate area (Sun Gate).
Apartment area: 50 - 70 m2;
Villa design: 1 ground - 2 floors;
Designing units: France (Cabinet D'artchitect & Caravol), Australia, Switzerland;
Utilities: world-class;
Type of ownership: long-term ownership.

South Da Lat resort urban area is situated in an attractive location, while embracing the entire scenery of Dai Ninh Lake, hydroelectric lake with romantic scenery in Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province. What could be more wonderful than having just woken up to the beautiful view of the lake underneath the morning mist. The luxurious villas designed around the lake will embellish the lyrical and invariant beauty of Dai Ninh Lake over time.

45 km away from Da Lat city and about 15km from Lien Khuong international airport, the project's location is known as the "golden position" for investors. Because property prices in areas close to the airport have not been "out of fever" as well as underestimated. Because of the convenience, travelers often prefer places close to the airport to serve the needs of relaxation. Consequently, real-estate nearby the airport always has a special attraction to investors.

Additionally, the scenery around Dai Ninh Lake isn't inferior to any of Dalat's beautiful sights, but real estate prices of this type are much below in the town area. Wise investors know that purchasing developing regions is definitely more profitable in developed places. This is considered as the secret ultimately causing the success of several investors in the field of real estate.

Moreover, from the big cities, visitors can quickly come to the resort, after only a short while sitting on the plane, put simply "haven't told the whole story, they've arrived ".Specifically, visitors from Ho Chi Minh City only takes 50 minutes to have here, while passengers from Hanoi take about 1 hour 50 minutes. Currently, there are lots of airlines operating these routes, for example: VietJet Air, Jetstar or Vietnam Airlines.

Along with the perfect location, Dai Ninh resort urban area also creates a fierce attraction to investors by 5-star standard utility services that the project brings. Guests reside lost in a tiny city of Europe, because all utilities are equipped at the project and meticulously designed to detail, worth international class.

Some classy utilities that few projects are fully arranged such as for example: a national convention center, an international conference center, an economic center, a securities trading center, a middle fashion, shopping malls, office buildings, world-class restaurant clusters, resort hospitals, beauty clinics, complex of commercial and service complex 1, commercial and service complex 2, acting international trade forum, central theater and financial business district.

Regarding education and comprehensive development through the device of inter-school schools:
+ 2 international elementary schools;
+ 2 international secondary schools;
+ 2 international high schools;
+ Center for international education.
About relaxation:
+ 5 6-star hotel resort clusters (construction area: 36,492 m2);
+ 3 6-star hotel resort clusters (construction area: 100,000 m2);
+ 9 resort complexes on hills and lakeside (construction area: 20,000 m2).
Furthermore, the project also features a supermarket system, gas stations, commercial and service areas, artificial beaches. These high-class utilities will contribute to creating new values ​​for the top of life.

With a scale of nearly 3,600 hectares, the Duc Trong Lam Dong resort urban area is worth being the largest and largest project in Vietnam to date. Despite the large area, the project is clearly and scientifically planned to create maximum resort value to visitors. The project is divided in to 6 subdivisions:

+ Zone A - East Asian residential area (Lavender Bay):
Area: 235,350 m2;
37 buildings with 8-10 - 12 floors;
Apartment: 4,000 (expected) according to 5-star standard, each apartment has an area of ​​50 - 70 m2;

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