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Microwave Cookware

by Ana Lund (2020-07-02)

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Microwave is used both as a main coking agent, or just heating up your cold meal. Because it saves time, it is very popular among people. Furthermore, some dishes and processes require specifically the microwave process to get the desired level of cooking.

A great time-saving example of microwave dishes is the microwave pasta. This is a great dish which takes on the average 25 minutes if prepared on the stove. On microwave, it takes hardly 15 minutes to do so from the start to the end. This is because in microwave you don't have to boil the water to add pasta, everything is done automate in a systematic procedure.

Microwave safe cookware is available in a wide variety of designs, shapes & sizes. Fancy glass cookware, ceramic dishes & plastic dishes all suit to the microwave heating process. The choice in the end is entirely up to you, but nowadays many people prefer using glass &ceramic cookware for better food quality.

Don't just buy microwave dishes, rather purchase from some good brands that have "microwave oven cookware" or "safe for microwave usage" engrave on their products. These dishes & cookware are specially designed for microwave that can withstand extreme heat & temperature.

For the best quality, buy the oval & circled cookware that evenly distributes the heat throughout your food, avoiding sticking, & burning. On the other hand square cookware don't get heat dispersed evenly to the entire area of the container, rather leave it limited to one place.

Avoid heating up thick foods like garlic sauce, mayonnaise and other similar products which stick to the cookware and cause burning and hard to remove stains. This usually happens in the case of plastic microwave cookware. As a result of this, many people prefer to use glass or ceramic ones that don't get the food stick to the container. The glass cookware used for microwaves are robust, sturdy, strong & highly heat resistant. Do not ever compromise on quality or buy cheaply priced glassware, as they can easily break, crack and burst inside the microwave while heating up. This cheap cookware is not designed to bear extreme temperatures.

Before buying, make sure from the manufacturer, that how much time maximum you can use for heating up in microwave oven. Claim a guarantee or warranty card of at least 1 year from the manufacturer so that even if anything unexpected happens, you can claim without paying a single dime for your cookware. Never ever even think of using metal cookware. They are ideal for stove cooking, but not for microwave because their surface does not absorb the heat, but reflects it to other parts of the microwave, thereby causing damage to the system and your food.

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