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Having a child is such a joy for every family especially for mothers who have long been waiting for a child to be born in the family

by Amanda Vaux (2020-07-12)

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Having a child is such a joy for every family especially for mothers who have long been waiting for a child to be born in the family. However, certain condition for the moms arise after giving birth. Due to the process of coming out of the child in the vagina, the genital of the mother becomes stretched and loose. Medically speaking, this condition is not a problem but it may affect the self-esteem of women thus, an operation in women's clinic in Singapore is a good option to troubleshoot it. This situation is not exclusive for moms. It may also apply to some women who have this condition naturally or because of a long time of repetitive sexual intercourse.

What are the Options for Vaginal Operation?

Vaginal rejuvenation is the most famous plastic surgery for the female genitalia that involves the correction of the vagina to make it look and feel like that of a virgin again. When performed, it greatly improves the sexual gratification of women and their partners during intercourse. There are three main procedures widely known under this operation. They are labiaplasty, hoodectomy and vaginaplasty.

Labiaplasty that is sometimes called as labioplasty, is the surgical process of the reduction of the labia may it be the majora or the minora. This surgery is most famous among porn child stars because it fixes the appearance of the labia to make it look more delectable to the human eye. Also called as clitoral unhooding, hoodectomy removes the excess skin around the clitoris to increase the sexual stimulation of women. And the last, the vaginaplasty or also referred as vaginal tightening is the procedure chosen by most people to tighten the vagina. This is most common for mothers who have just given birth or women who have loose vagina due to the long-time of engaging in sex.


While it is not considered as a risk in the health, this operation has many benefits for women. Unlike other surgical operations, it involves much less recuperation period. The most important of all, it increases the women's self-esteem. You may consult as early as pregnancy check-ups to know the best procedure for you. Those who have wide vagina due to giving birth or having intercourse for a long time will lose vagina's elasticity eventually. Having an operation will give back the thrill in the sex life of the couple. Women should not be ashamed of this process because there is nothing wrong with it. What is the essence of developing technology unless you use it?


Women's clinic in Singapore has a lot of option for you but depending on the person who will undergo the operation, some may experience allergies. Temporary loss of sensation on the area that had been operated may be felt.

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