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Jimmy Kimmel pokes fun at Bachelor In Paradise with Baby BIP skit

by Frances Swanson (2020-07-15)

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The Bachelorette wrapped up it's 13th season last night, meaning Bachelor In Paradise is right around the corner.

And Jimmy Kimmel welcomed back the often-scandalous summer series with the most innocent parody possible, putting precocious toddlers in the place of lovelorn contestants.

The late night skit was a laugh-a-minute, showing lovesick little ones don floaties and nurse drinks in sippy cups while uttering classic reality one-liners like 'I just wanna find love' and 'I always fall for bad boys.' 

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Pint-sized Paradise!

Jimmy Kimmel welcomed back Bachelor In Paradise with a new parody, showing precocious toddlers in the place of love-sick contestants for Baby Bachelor In Paradise

The late night host welcomed all to pint-sized Paradise, calling it 'a serene utopia for small children whose parents have no problem with them doing this for some reason.' 

Following in the footsteps of Jimmy's earlier Baby Bachelor and Baby Bachelorette, the little contestants fight for each other's attention with 'passionate play dates' and 'canoodling in the kiddie pool.'


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There are gags aplenty, with returning contestant Dylan, six, coming back to the beach with a hilarious fake mustache while 'bad boy' Alex pumped iron in a leather vest.

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