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What is the difference between a commercial rental and a private rental

by Claudia Desir (2020-01-24)

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Slides Obstacle Courses Inflatable games Concession Machines Dunk tanks Outdoor - The distinction between commercial rental and private rental can be that commercial rental implies a business renting business premises. On the other hand a private rental could be interpreted as a private individual renting a house or flat.

What is Commercial Leasing?
Commercial leasing is an agreement between the landlord and a business which outlines various terms and conditions of property rental.

share: What is the difference between retail and renter's insurance and can you use renter's insurance in a retail space?
Commercial Space Rental and Insurance What you would need to buy for a commercial space is called Commercial General Liability Insurance. Answer There is a big difference between Retail and Renter's insurance. Retail insurance is for any type of basically a retail business that has an inventory used for retail purpose. Renter's insurance is used for a private individual or family that is renting a home or apartment and wants to protect their belongings from... Read More

share: Who is the actor in the other National Car Rental commercial?
The actor in the National Car Rental Commercial is Sean O'Bryan. He is in the commercial where they are playing football.

share: What are the various classifications of real estate?
Various classifications include residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, recreational, conservation, rental, public, private, tax exempt, etc.

share: Is a rental car a commercial vehicle?
Car rental service providers have both commercial and non-commercial cars for rent. As there are many people's prefer for many types of vehicles according to their needs.

share: What is the difference between a lease agreement and a business contract?
The rental amount would remain fixed for the whole tenure of a lease agreement. Where as in a rental agreemnt the terms and conditions may change after a cetain tenure.

share: Who is the actress in the budget rental car commercial?
Terri Hatcher

share: Is the landlord supposed to get the fire extinguishers for a commercial rental?
no not mandatory

share: Who is the blonde singer in the arons rental commercial?
Brittini Black and she sucks.

share: Who does the VoiceOver for the national Car rental commercial?
Patrick Stewart. Save

share: Who is the black woman in the national car rental commercial?
Kristen Ariza

share: What is pai charge on rental cars for enterprise?
Private accident insurance?

share: Where can one find a car company insurance rental?
Most private car insurance companies cover the rental vehicle during the time the rental is utilized by you. You can call your insurance agency to make sure.

share: Who is the actress in the Alamo car rental commercial who says You had me at no lines?
Marielena Logsdon

share: What does rental real estate mean?
Rental real estate is any property for which the owner receives payment by another for use or occupation of the property. It can be commercial, storage, industrial, residential or vacation property. Rental real estate is any property for which the owner receives payment by another for use or occupation of the property. It can be commercial, storage, industrial, residential or vacation property. Rental real estate is any property for which the owner receives payment by... Read More

share: What real estate options does the Chicago Tribune cover?
The Chicago Tribune covers both real estate for sale and real estate for rent. In the rental category one may choose between apartments, residential and commercial properties while in the sale category one may choose between residential, commercial and national properties.

share: What is Warrenton NC commercial rental property cost?
What is the going price of commerical rental propery in Warrenton NC for example small commerical space for a bakery?

share: Is a rental car referred to as a commercial vehicle?
It is considered commercial in nature, yes. It's only considered a CMV (Commercial Motor Vehicle) if the vehicle would meet the definition of a CMV if it were under specific ownership. I know New Mexico requires rental vehicles of all classes to enter their ports of entry at the state line.

share: What detergent do uniform rental services use to wash the clothes?
The detergent that uniform rental services use to wash clothes varies based on organization. However, most uniform rental services use a commercial based detergent.

share: How do you get to Princeton from Washington?
From Washington, DC, you can get to Princeton by: * car * train (Amtrak stops at Princeton Junction) * Airplane * ** private plane to Trenton-Mercer County Airport ** Commercial plane to Newark International Airport and NJ Transit Train to Princeton Junction ** Commercial plane to Newark, Kennedy, LaGuardia, or Philadelphia Airports and limo, bus, train or rental car to Princeton

share: What are the insurance policies that Farmer's Insurance company offers?
Homeowners, Rental Property, Commercial Property, Commercial Auto, Personal Auto, Life, Umbrella.

share: Who is the soccer mom in the enterprise commercial?
It is not known who the soccer mom is in the Enterprise commercial. Enterprise is one of the most popular car rental companies in the US.

share: Private short term rental condos near Fort Bonifacio?
A local realtor can answer your question.

share: Diagram of car rental?
A rental car is exactly the same as any other car, there's really no difference. Not really sure what you are asking.

share: What is difference between hotel and guest house?
A Guest house is part of a residential home(usually rented by the month), whereas a hotel is a rooming property designed to make nightly rental revenue.

share: What is the difference between a lease agreement and a rental contract?
The major difference between a lease is that a rental contract may not obligate the tenant or the landlord for a fixed amount of time, for example and not more than, : one year, while a lease, when mutually signed, is legal and binding for the amount of time on the lease and must be renewed for continued tenancy. A non-lease rental agreement can be indefinite but may be terminated at any time without any... Read More

share: Is McEnroe's son in the National Car Rental commercial?
'I wondered the same thing... 'sure does look like him, doesn't it?

share: What tv car rental commercial had a lady pretend she was a football player?
she spins by a little red head boy

share: Is a deck attached to commercial rental property by the tenant considered a trade fixture?
No, it is considered a capital improvement to the real estate.

share: Where can one find rentals for Chevrolet commercial trucks?
Chevrolet commercial trucks can be rented from many companies. Discount Car and Truck Rental as well as Enterprise offers many commercial trucks which one can rent. Many are Chevrolet box trucks.

share: Where can one rent a commercial truck?
You can rent a commercial truck from either well known branches of large car hire firms, such as Hertz. Alternatively, there may be more specialized commercial truck rental companies, such as U-Haul in the local area.

share: What is the difference between indemnification and release?
"Indemnification" is the process of agreeing to (or actually) paying someone for something (i.e.- posting a deposit for a rental apartment) - a "release" is the giving up or acknowledging that a certain thing has been done.

share: What is the average rental fee per square foot for commercial property in Allen county Ohio?
I see a commercial building that's advertising 3000 sf. How do I calculate the average cost per month?

share: What are the names of car rental companies that sell their used cars?
Every single rental company sells their cars. Some sell to auctions and some sell to private customers. Hertz is one that sells to customers, usually in auctions.

share: Do i have to stop at weigh station with a 17 ft rental truck towing a 30 ft boat?
You do not have to stop if it is NON Commercial use.

share: Who is the actress-athlete speaking in the enterprise rental car commercial about employing college athletes?
Emily Kiousis went to Tennesse.

share: What is the difference between and apartment and a condominium?
Condominium is a form of real estate ownership. Apartment is a description of a living space that is occupied on a rental basis and is generally located within a building that is occupied by more than one household.

share: What is difference between home owners insurance and rental property insurance?
Other than home owners insurance covering your primary residence where you live and rental property insurance covering a home that you rent to others there are a few differences in types of coverage. While most home owners policies cover the building you live in as well as your contents (TV, Clothes, etc...), most rental property policies cover only the building. This is because in a rental property situation you usually do not own the contents... Read More

share: Which is the cheapest rental provider available between Hertz and Rentacar?
That are many different discount rental providers available in addition to the Hertz Rentacar rental program. Other popular options include Enterprise.

share: What is property productivity?
Different properties produce different things. If your property is an office building, it produces rent. If your property is a wheat field, it produces wheat. Property Productivity depends Upon type of Property and how the property is used for a purpose. Commercial properties can serve for commercial and rental properties, land development. Residential properties can serve for home-family rental purposes.

share: Does any rent a car company rent vehicles with towing capabilities?
Your best bet is to look into commercial vehicle rental, such as Enterprise Rent-a-Truck. They rent pickup trucks as well as large box trucks. Regular car rentals usually do not allow towing, even if the vehicles are equipped with a tow hitch. Commercial rental agencies would accommodate this better.

share: Who sings the song on the Enterprise car rental commercial?
Talking Heads, but I don't know the name of the song. I'm trying to find that out too.

share: Can you rent a Ford 250 from Pittsburgh PA to AZ one way an how much is it per day?
Something like a Ford F-250 would probably be considered a heavy duty / commercial vehicle rather than a regular rental car, so you might check with commercial rental agencies. Does it have to be an F-250? The F-150 is basically the same car inside and would be more fuel efficient for such a long drive. Also, the F-150 is available from regular passenger car rental companies.

share: Can you drive at your valid Dubai driving lincence in Dubai on tourist visa?
You may only drive a rental car if in Dubai on a Tourist Visa, you may not drive a private vehicle. In order to hire a rental car you still need to present a valid international licence the drivers licences of certain countries are not accepted when hiring a rental vehicle.

share: Does Big Bear Lake offer private lodging?
Big Bear Lake is a beautiful vacation destination visited by many people each year. They most certainly do offer private lodging. They have cabins available for rental.

share: Do you have starter Pokemon in battle revolution?
Sort of. You choose which rental card you want to start with(male or female) and you get the Pokemon on there to use. You can go to the gateway coloseum to get the other rental card and you can swap Pokemon between rental cards.

share: How do you get commercial insurance for an RV rental company?
You need an Independent Insurance Agent - Visit the website of the Trusted Choice for someone in your area or visit website

share: What has the author John Savage written?
John Savage has written: 'Internal labour markets' -- subject(s): Corporate reorganizations, Layoff systems 'The private residential rental market in New Zealand' -- subject(s): Housing, Prices, Real property, Rental housing

share: Are U-haul trucks allowed on the Cross Island Parkway?
No commercial vehicles are allowed on the parkway. This includes box trucks, u-hauls, rental trucks, trailers or any vehicle with commercial plates. The parkways are winding roads that were designed with very low overpasses and are therefore unsuited for commercial traffic.

share: Ideal job as an accountant?
An ideal job for an accountant depends somewhat on your personality. You could work for a rental office, a large corporation or a private accounting firm.

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