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Some Chicago Music Links To Check Out

"Elsa" (2020-01-29)

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Long Island musician Douglas Robinson recently been very busy since his days fronting The Lying down. His new band, Night Verses , already been touring almost nonstop since starting in 2012 with no signs of slowing downwards.

1 year agoThe new and might give approach to a true legend at 5:30 when Mavis Staples takes takes place. Staples is a Grammy Lifetime Achievement winner, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member, VH1 listed her as one of several top 100 women in Rock while Rolling Stomne Magazine listed her among the top 100 greatest performers. Simply put she is cash legend using a career spanning over six decades.

DH: Suggest thing I fear is not being able to get enough done so I make sure to keep myself as busy as possible but Additionally travel frequently and people and the more people I see, the more work there is to try. I find if I sit around and do nothing that nothing happening, but the more I keep busy, the more busy I keep finding.

Philadelphia's Polish American String Band starts the festival on Saturday scheduled perform at 10AM. This a good award winning band famous for being one of the favorites of Philadelphia's Mummer's Parade. The Blues gets in full gear at 11AM once the Bad Influence Band takes the point. The Bad Influence bad a great award winning blues band from Washington, D.C.

NJ 1 that won't go down in smoke, and we prove that time and time again regular. Other news this week and coming up, available now an interview with new band Weirdface about their 918kiss gamelist and 918kiss easy win future shows, a flirt with Destiny Vargas, an NJ-born singer and 918kiss uptodown founder of her own LGBT Support Concert, special review of an underground band's spotlighted album, and very much more.

AF: I'm pretty pleased with everyone we've worked with. I think with the upcoming remixes made by members of Mars Volta and School Of Seven Bells that wraps up most of those I'd like to collaborate that includes. The same group of people on stage and record will all be there at the full-length ; the strings and extra vocalists and everybody. If I could use anyone I'd have condition expertise maybe Nick Cave. I guess.

Examiner: Hi Dhani. Thank you so much so much for in conversation with me today. On one belonging to the bonus tracks on the recently released Deluxe Version of thefearofmissingout, you sing a duet with Thorunn Antonia. Your voices sounded so beautiful as they melted every single other.

Tickets is located for single days or both 24 hour periods. They can be ordered online. Tickets and info can be found on the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival website.

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