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What schedule drug is Percocet

by Clement Rowan (2020-03-10)

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Schedule II

Which is stronger percocet 5mg or Lortab 10mg?
Technically Percocet is stronger than Lortab,but with the dosages that you have written down-they are totally equal Percocet is a schedule#2 drug Lortab is a schedule #3 drug A number 2 drug is more powerful and more easily habit forming than a schedule 3 drug.

Does Xanax and percocet have the same chemicals in them?
No. They're not even in the same class- Xanax is an anti-anxiety drug, whereas Percocet is a Schedule II narcotic. While drugs like Xanax are used occasionally to augment pain treatment, they aren't the same types of drug.

Are Darvocet and percocet the same drug?
No. Darvocet is a Schedule IV narcotic, on the lowest class of opiate analgesics. While an opiate derivative, it's relatively weak when it comes to pain medication. Being a Schedule IV drug, you can get refills and a doctor can call it in. It is in the same class as Codeine. Percocet is a Schedule II narcotic, a combination of Oxycodone and Tylenol. It is normally given only to patients with previous experience/tolerance to opiates...

What over the counter would be the same as vicodin or percoet?
There really is not drug that can be bought over the counter that has the same euphoric and pain relieving effect of vicodin or Percocet. The closest thing to it is to drop the oxycodone or hydrocodone in Vicodin and Percocet and you have Tylenol. Percocet is a schedule 2 narcotic. That means that you have to have a written prescription for each refill (it cannot be called in via telephone). Vicodin; however, is a...

How can you pass a drug test if you took a percocet?
How do I pass a drug test if u take a Percocet

What class is Percocet?
Percocet (oxycodone) is a Schedule II under the controlled substances (in the U.S.). (A) The drug or other substance has a high potential for abuse. (B) The drug or other substance has a currently accepted medical use in treatment in the United States or a currently accepted medical use with severe restrictions. (C) Abuse of the drug or other substances may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence.

What does percocet show up as in a drug test?
can percocet show up as morphine in a urine drug test

Is there aspirin in percocet?
Percocet does not have aspirin in it. The drug, Percocet needs to be prescribed by a physician before you can take it.

What does Percocet show up in a drug screen as?
Opiates, and some drug tests show the difference between Percocet and Loratab.

Why does methadone show positive in urine drug screen when only percocet is taken?
Most likely you have the wrong drug listed as what is showing in the drug screen... I don't believe that methadone would show in a drug screen for percocet. Percocet is made of two active ingredients, Tylenol and oxycodone. oxycodone is derived from morphine, so it is possible that morphine may show in the drug test when percocet is taken.

What does percocet show up as in a dot drug screen?
Percocet is oxycodone and acetaminophen

What is the difference between loratab an Percocet?
Lortab is a hydrocodone Tylenol combination drug and percocet is an oxycodone Tylenol combination drug. Also, lortab has a 500 mg tylonel in it and percocet has 325 mg.

What schedule of drug is DIlantin is it a schedule 2 drug or schedule3 or what?
Phenytoin (Dilantin) is not a DEA controlled drug. It has no "schedule".

On a urine drug screen can a difference be made between percocet and 인터넷카지노 oxycodone?
Percocet IS oxycodone. Percocet is just a brand name.

Does Percocet have Ibuprofen?
No - Percocet is the brand name for a combination drug containing Oxycodone and Tylenol.

What OTC drug can replace percoset?
There is no drug OTC that has the same efficacy as the medication Percocet. Oxycodone is the main ingredient in Percocet and is ONLY available by prescription. Now, the other ingredient in Percocet is TYLENOL or acetomenophin is available OTC.

Are Lortab and percocet the same on a drug screen?
No. Lortab contains hydrocodone and Percocet contains oxycodone.

Is percocet detected in pre-employment drug screen?
Most pre-employment drug screens test for opiates, and percocet is an opiate. So yes.

Is Ambien a schedule 2 drug?
Ambien is a schedule 4 drug

What is the DEA schedule for the drug flexeril?
by definition it is a schedule 2 drug.

What schedule drug is Xanax?
In the US Xanax is a schedule IV drug.

What schedule of a drug is ecstasy?
Ecstasy is classified as a 'Schedule 1" drug.

Dose percocet and hydrocodone show up the same on a 7 panel drug test?
Does percocet and hydrocodone come up the same in a 9 panel drug test?

What happens with you take percocet anally?
When one takes Percocet anally, the effects of the drug will be intensified. It is suggested that Percocet be taken orally and only if you have the prescription for it.

Does percocet come up as heroin in a drug test?
how can a lab tell the difference between percocet and heroin?

Generic drug for percocet without Tylenol?
The name for Percocet without Tylenol is. Supeudol or Oxy IR.

Does Percocet affect birth control?
There are no known drug interactions between Percocet and hormonal birth control.

What is perks the drug?
They are the painkillers Percodan and Percocet

What does a schedule x drug?
A Schedule X drug is a prescription strength drug. Drugs that fall under Schedule X include hallucinogens, depressants, hashish, and tranquilizers.

Will oxycontin and percocet show up the same on a drug test?
They are the exact same thing. They are both the drug oxycodone. The only difference is that percocet has acetaminophen in it. So the answer to your question is YES.

What chemical name will show up in a drug test from taking Percocet?
Percocet is a brand-name drug formulation for acetaminophen with oxycodone. It would show up as the chemical oxycodone.

What is the difference between hydrocodone and percocet?
They are both narcotics, but Percocet (Oxycodone) is stronger than Hydrocodone. Hydrocodone is classified as a Schedule III narcotic, while Percocet is a Schedule II. Oxycodone is generally prescribed for mild to moderate pain, while Percocet is prescribed for severe pain. Also, your doctor can simply call in a prescription for Hydrocodone, but Percocet must be a written prescription. In addition, Percocet is available as a single ingredient medication...Hydrocodone is combined with other mild painkillers...

Will Percocet show positive as opana?
Opana is it's own drug called (oxymorphone) which is a mix of percocet and morphine

What does percocet show up as in a benzodiazepine drug test?
Percocet would not show up in a benzo test only.

Will percocet show up as cocaine in a hair drug test?
No. Cocaine and opioids/narcotics (such as Percocet) are detected separately.

What shows up in a drug test when taking Percocet?
Percocet is an opiate class medication. It will test positive for opiates.

What is a schedule G drug?
Schedule G drug is a prescription drug that can be sold purely under medical prescription alone.

What is the drug interactions between Percocet and Seroquel?
i need answer

What schedule drug is Prozac?
what schedule is prozac

What schedule drug is xylocaine?
what schedule is xylocaine

Is percocet stronger than roxicet?
No, Roxicet is more potent of a drug then percocet. Thier is a higher potency of oxycodone in Roxicet.

Can dogs have Percocet?
NO! do not give your dog this drug! it is bad for them! The opiate in Percocet acts as a respiratory suppressor and the dog could suffocate.

Does percocet and vicodin show up as the same on a drug test?
No, Percocet (Oxycodone) and Vicodin (Hydrocodone) are 2 different painkillers.

Does precocet 30 mg show up the same on a drug test as percocet 7.5 mg?
yes its all percocet

Is Percocet and Oxycontin the same drug?
Percocet and Oxycontin contain the same narcotic -- oxycodone -- only difference is Percocet contains Tylenol and Oxycontin is just straight up oxycodone.

What schedule is Tylenol 3?
Schedule 4 drug

What schedule narcotic is suboxone?
Is it a schedule 2 drug

Is Ativan a schedule II drug?
No. It is schedule IV

Will you be denied a job if you fail a drug test because you have percocet in your body?
Not if you have a legal prescription for it and are taking it as prescribed. I am an RN and take Percocet daily and have never been turned down for a job for a + drug test.

Do Oxycontin and Percocet show up the same on a drug test?
Yes, They are both oxycodone. only difference is percocet has Tylenol in it. so if you take a Oxycontin with a Tylenol....tada, u have a percocet

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