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Wall Street Journal Confirmed Retina Screen iPad Mini Released Tomorrow

by Fabian Killeen (2020-04-08)

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ENdDNq0VAAEeStI.jpg%5CWall Street Journal confirmed Retina screen iPad mini released tomorrow

Wall Street Journal confirmed Apple will launch 22 conference Retina Retina screen iPad mini, while using the latest Intel Haswell processors MacBook Pro will also be unveiled.

According to the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is preparing a use of high-resolution Retina Retina screen iPad mini, and it will also serve as 9.7 inches full-size lightweight version of the iPad .

Meanwhile according to the industrial chain supplier news , the new iPad mini will use a film instead of glass .Prior to multiple sources , said the second-generation iPad mini will be upgraded to a screen resolution of 2048 * 1536 , 바카라쿠폰 while upgrading the screen after the second -generation iPad mini thicker and heavier than a generation , equipped with the same iPhone 5s A7 processor , and the introduction of M7 coprocessor.

On the other hand , using a MacBook Pro Haswell processors will also be launched simultaneously . In June this year, Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has released Haswell processor, MacBook Air, not only to improve performance , more importantly, significantly extend the standby time.

The new MacBook Pro will be the same length of time in standby has improved significantly , according to the analyst Kuo Ming- Chi predict new MacBook Pro will be up to 10 hours standby .

U.S. investment firm Piper Jaffray (Piper Jaffray) analyst Gene Munster (Gene Munster) research report released on Friday, the last week in the U.S. market iPhone 5s stocks continued to decline, from all iPhone models the proportion was 27% to 6%.

Munster on U.S. 60 Apple (496.04, 3.23, 0.66%) Company chain of stores after an investigation found that, in the past week, at least there is a store selling iPhone 5s proportion was only 40%, while the two weeks ago, the ratio was 90%.

But Munster also pointed out that Apple may be intentionally difficult for consumers to buy iPhone 5s. He pointed out that Apple is limiting the supply of the United States may be due to its landing more countries worldwide market ready. iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be in October 25 landing 25 new markets, and landed at November 1 16 new markets.

Apple in the U.S. and other countries still show an online store, iPhone 5s arrival date is sometime in October. is an online e-commerce company offering tens of thousands of categories products including consumer electronics, computer accessories, video games, iPod

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