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Screaming shopper wrestles with three cops outside a Woolworths

by Kirsten Sturt (2020-04-22)

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An out-of-control shopper wrestled with police before being hit with a baton and slammed against a butcher's deli on Tuesday.

120px-LG%EC%A0%84%EC%9E%90%2C_%ED%94%84%The man was seen brawling with officers next to the supermarket in Kogarah, 특가 in Sydney's south.

Three police officers attempted to subdue the screaming man, who clenched his fists and attempted to throw punches. 

The man then charged at one of the officers who slammed his head into the glass display case of a butcher's shop.   

The scuffle continued and two officers then pinned the man up against the glass, before the third officer hit the back of his knees with her baton.

'Help me! Help me!,' he screamed while managing to shrug one of the female officers off him.

The man's screams continued until the third officer hit him with her baton on the front of his feet, bringing him to the floor.  





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A New South Wales Police spokesman told Daily Mail Australia the man was arrested for breach of bail and other offences. 

'The man was hostile and was [pepper]sprayed at the scene,' the spokesman said. 

His arrest came after weeks of panic buying at supermarkets, with some shoppers becoming violent as they try to get hold of essential supplies.

A bystander captured video of the violent arrest at Kogarah, in Sydney's south, on Tuesday


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