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Car buying amid the coronavirus: Here's every automaker offering home delivery - Roadshow

by Krystyna Silvers (2020-05-09)

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Tesla may be best known for the process, but home delivery is more common than you think.


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Since the dawn of the modern automobile, car buying in the US has pretty much stayed the same. Shoppers go to a dealership, kick the tires, haggle over pricing, sign the papers and drive home. And while most consumers now research their next car or SUV online, it's also true that despite penetrating basically every aspect of our lives, the internet hasn't truly disrupted America's fundamental car-buying process... at least not yet.

But, the novel coronavirus, which causes COVID-19, is showing signs of accelerating a shift already underway in the new-car buying process. As more and more consumers stay home and turn to delivery services for any number of goods, 골드 박스 where does car buying stand in all of this? Roadshow spoke with numerous automakers to learn how they're handling automobile purchases in the coronavirus era. You might be surprised to learn that the entire process can already be done outside of a dealership in many cases.

The luxury brand tells Roadshow it continues to offer home vehicle delivery -- a service on the menu before the coronavirus outbreak. Vehicle deliveries will continue as needed for customers. An Audi representative tells Roadshow the company recognizes transportation remains an essential service for its customers.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
FCA's brands are newer to the home delivery service game, but a company representative tells Roadshow that the automaker's dealer partners are expanding such efforts amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Some dealers are even offering the service for the first time with corporate guidance from FCA.

The automaker tells Roadshow it's a relatively streamlined process that begins with a customer calling to "see" a particular vehicle. A salesperson can then connect with the shopper via a video streaming service to provide a full walk-around of the vehicle and supply specific photos and more information. Dealers then handle financing and additional paperwork over the phone or via the internet. After an agreement is brokered, the salesperson delivers the car to the customer's home and collects any final signatures in person from the driveway.

FCA officials add that some dealers have also begun pickup and drop-off services for oil changes and other services in direct response to America's ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Not only does Ford offer new-vehicle home delivery, it's rewarding dealers who take part in this activity. The automaker tells Roadshow a "majority of dealers in the US" are now equipped to handle remote sales. For dealers who work with customers to complete the entire purchase process online, outside of the physical dealership, the automaker will issue bonus payments to the franchise during March and April.

As for Ford's luxury division, Lincoln tells Roadshow it has now rolled out its "Effortless Sales Experience" across the entire US. Lincoln works with financier AutoFi to "guide clients through the entire lease or purchase transaction on their own time." The process integrates Lincoln Financial Services and a local dealership. Should a customer decide to pull the trigger, Lincoln is happy to deliver the car to the new buyer's home.

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