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Masturbation Hazards - Is Self-Pleasuring Really Bad For Penis Health?

by Tristan Courts (2020-05-11)

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So this particular day I was talking to one of the mums that I knew from the social circle I moved in whilst in a couple. Several years ago I (43/f) had just gotten out of a messy painful relationship (ex had led a double life for a year w/new much younger person) and my best friend (42/f) and her boyfriend (40/m) came to visit and we all got drunk and ended up having sex one night. A hard bite was all it took to take me over that edge, that pain/pleasure threshold and it was bloody powerful and wonderful and something I had not got anywhere close to in 14yrs of being a paraplegic. Sure I got emotional satisfaction but never anything that you could call physical satisfaction and most definitely nothing that could be be even remotely described as orgasmic(like). That slow gentle touches to them, building up in intensity with nibbles and bites could drive my body to feel like it needed to ‘release’ that I had a feeling that I ‘needed to cum’.

I didn’t see my body as physically attractive never mind sexually attractive so for me sex was more about what pleasure could I give rather than receiving pleasure. I would call any man a liar if they said they did not find such adoration of their body a turn on. And I don’t want to write this and it turn out to be a piece of ‘erotica’. I didn’t know any better, I didn’t know where I had areas of sensitivity simply because I myself hadn't explored those areas so why would I want or expect someone else to. Surprisingly what people do not know that she is a director also. I’ve know this person so long I just don’t reduce her to this one event and overall she’s bossy, yes, but even more so, she’s been supportive over the years and the distance keeps her more domineering behavior (which has improved over the years too) in check.

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