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What is a Virtual Classroom?

"kenan kahya" (2020-08-15)

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The virtual classroom is a digital replica of a traditional classroom or training room. Instructors teach and participants learn in real time, face-to-face, but through internet-enabled technology devices. This is easily achieved with the whiteboard on the screen in the classroom or meeting room. Brainstorming, thoughts, and discussions happen in real time. Tests are done before and after the session. Reports are ready right after the session ends.

Everything is the same as in a normal classroom education. The only difference is this: An online classroom uses technology to support teaching and learning.

What is Virtual Classroom Technology? HD Video Conferencing, Server Side Recording, Advanced Interactive Whiteboard, File Support and many more are the materials offered for you to benefit from education.

What are the advantages of the virtual classroom?

It offers more flexibility than a traditional classroom. You can deliver your trainings to users in different locations at the same time. Both instructors and students have extensive experience in collaborating with students and instructors from different parts of the world. Class attendance is monitored automatically. In addition, online learning includes more communication tools such as user-to-user chat, open discussion boards, polls, multimedia content and social media.

Online classroom software works the same for businesses. With a standalone application, you can train your employees, vendors, business partners and customers face to face in real time, or integrate with your website, CMS, ERP or LMS. Training can take place even when stakeholders are on the move. They can access e-Learning materials and participate in the live session on their smartphones, tablets or laptops.

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