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"kenan kahya" (2020-08-15)

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With the development of technology in education life, many innovations have occurred. Online education is one of these innovations. In fact, online education is a term that describes the education system in which the lecturer and the student are not in the same environment. Many of us have participated in these free or paid trainings by using these systems, by researching the  online coaching classes  

and courses that provide online training in order to receive training in the subjects we want to improve ourselves.

How To Do Online Education?

It is made online remotely with the help of tools such as video, audio, graphics, computers, and multimedia technology. Distance online training is ideal for full-time employees and those who want to study abroad but cannot find the opportunity.

What are the Advantages of Online Coaching Classes Education?

  • Provides equal opportunity in education.
  • It provides education opportunities for physically disabled students.
  • It removes regional and geographical barriers as it is independent of time and space.
  • Working, marriage, having children or other reasons do not prevent participation in online education.
  • It allows each learner to learn at their own pace.
  • It is an economical alternative that can be used for in-service training.
  • Provides unlimited access to the teaching environment and course materials.
  • It offers common course content with economical and reusable course materials.
  • It eliminates expenses such as transportation, accommodation and nutrition that arise in addition to formal education.

Online education is an education system without borders. It provides information transfer to people of all age groups who are open to learning, independent of time and place. Everyone with the Internet can benefit from this training by using some technological devices. The fact that such an easy online education system goes beyond a dream and becomes reality easily affects every person. I would like to share the words of Nelson Mandela, who will make you think about this issue: The most powerful weapon you can use is education. "

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