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Treasury Single Account (TSA) and Bank Performance

by Veronica Jaquelin (2019-12-06)

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This paper close the link between Treasury Single Account (TSA) and Bank Performance in African country. the information used covers forty eight months (i.e. from Gregorian calendar month, 2013 to August, 2017) out of that twenty–four month were pre-TSA amount and therefore the alternative set of 24 month covers Transportation Safety Administration implementation amount. Treasury Single Account and Bank Performance. The paper employs Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Model to analyze the semipermanent influence of treasury single account (TSA), rate of interest and bank liquidity on bank performance over the amount of the study. The results of ARDL bounds take a look at reveal proof of cointegration among the variables wherever F-statistics is four.8178 signifying that there's proof of cointegration. moreover, the results of the calculable semipermanent coefficients of the ARDL model reveals that there's positive and statistically vital relationship between bank performance and treasury single account in African country throughout the study amount. Contrariwise, the result more shows that bank liquidity has negative and statistically vital influence on bank performance. so R – sq. is zero.94 or ninety four% implying that the independent variables captured within the model make a case for ninety four % variation within the variable i.e. bank performance. Therefore, solely half-dozen % is captured by alternative variables not captured within the model. The paper recommends that government agencies must work with the CBN in actualizing the correct disbursement of the massive resources assigned to the event funds created by Treasury Single Account on infrastructure, aviation, producing, and power.

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