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Women’s entrepreneurial activity

by Veronica Jaquelin (2019-12-06)

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Due to the socio-cultural peculiarities in some places, women’s entrepreneurial activity is targeted in low-growth and low-skilled business sectors. several studies are conducted to explore the connection between ladies entrepreneurship and socio-cultural factors in several geographical areas. Most of those studies, additionally ascertained by Petro, Annastazia (2014 on Influence of Education on Participation of Entrepreneurs), are dedicated to confirm however socio-cultural factors have an effect on ladies entrepreneurial behaviour, while not specifically examining the impact of things like education on ladies entrepreneurship in several sectors in Federal Republic of Nigeria and additional notably within the states of Kebbi and Sokoto. The extent to that women’s business performance will be explained by level of education isn't used quantitatively in-depth. Thus, this study is in situ to by trial and error assess the impact of level of education factors on ladies entrepreneurial participation in Kebbi and Sokoto State, Nigeria.

Many stakeholders have delineated ladies entrepreneurs because the ‘rising stars of the economies’, the ‘unstable supply of economic process and development’, ‘the manner forward’, and also the ‘new women’s movement’ (Vossenberg, 2013). though ladies represent forty eighth of all entrepreneurial activity on the world scale (GEM, 2012; International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, 2011), there square measure important gender gaps among completely different countries and states. The facts in Kebbi and Sokoto States in Federal Republic of Nigeria should be captured to replicate its own socio-cultural peculiarities and also the implications for ladies entrepreneurship within the States.

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