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measures for trademark registration in Vietnam

"Jennie" (2019-12-17)

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Trademark registration procedure is a common name, or in other words, exclusive trademark registration, trademark registration, product trademark registration, logo trademark registration, trademark registration, and trademark registration. signed trademark protection.

bao gia dang ky nhan hieuTrademark registration and relieve marks registration is a procedure aimed at establishing ownership of their trademarks. Because trademarks are considered as an intellectual property of an enterprise, the registration is truly the thesame as registration of living thing assets. lecture to to the article nearly the when trademark registration steps:

1. Trademarks are protected if they meet the conditions

- Organizations and individuals that meet the like conditions are entitled to trademark registration:

+ Organizations and individuals may register trademarks used for goods they fabricate or services they provide;

+ Organizations and individuals conducting lawful announcement undertakings have the right to register exclusive trademarks for products that they have brought to promote but manufactured by others, provided that producers complete not use such trademarks for product and accomplish not object to such registration;

+ Lawfully conventional amass organizations have the right to register summative marks for use by their members in accordance later the regulations on use of combine marks; For signs indicating geographical origins of goods or services, the dealing out past the right to register is a collect processing of organizations and individuals conducting production and situation deeds in that locality;

+ Organizations afterward the action of controlling and certifying quality, characteristics, origins or supplementary criteria partnered to goods and facilities may register official approval marks on the condition that they get not conduct production or business. goods and services.

- Conditions of support of trademarks:

+ A sign is visible in the form of letters, words, drawings, images or a interest thereof:

+ deed to distinguish taking into account trademarks of the same type of additional entities.

Thus, we see the main take aim of the brand is to distinguish, as a basis for consumers to know this is the product or encourage of their business, not that of new businesses. However, it is entirely likely that the cases where the registered trademarks of enterprises look quite same and are simple to confuse gone each other, thus the discharge duty stipulates that taking into consideration applying for registration, enterprises are not granted registration certificates. The brand must hastily undergo an evaluation.

Therefore, since applying for an exclusive trademark registration, the applicant should conduct preliminary trademark search and specialized trademark search.

An in-depth lookup step previously conducting the application for trademark registration is critical because this is the ascribed database to help those who scheme to apply for registration know that their trademark is proficient of posting. Signed rich or not. later conducting trademark searches, businesses should pay attention to comparing the brands they try to register behind additional or existing registered brands to probe the possibility of success. The most common stroke where a business fails to successfully register a trademark is that the trademark they point toward to register is thesame or confusingly thesame to marginal company's trademark.

After conducting a search and seeing the prospect of thriving registration, businesses will apply for trademark protection.

2. procedures for trademark registration in Vietnam

a. look taking place trademarks

Look occurring trademarks to locate identical or confusingly similar trademarks to examine the probability of affluent registration of the trademark.

If the search results conduct yourself a low likelihood of thriving registration, the applicant should pronounce not applying, or revising the trademark sample and retrospective.

If the trademark search results play in a tall likelihood of wealthy registration, begin the next-door step of the trademark guidance registration process.

b. Prepare application file

An application for preparation includes:

- Application declaration

- Trademark template

- facility of attorney if filed through smart property representatives.

- Documents proving the priority, if any.

- Documents entitled to registration rights from others, if any.

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