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The Future of E-Commerce Platforms in 2020

by Xavier Emma (2020-04-12)

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Talking about trends that will shape the E-commerce market in 2020; we shall take a look at what to expect as we draw the curtains in the year 2019. The trends of how retailers sell and ship to their customers will be influenced. We shall now take a look at how these trends will change the e-commerce landscape in 2020. The future of online merchants around the world will be impacted. Changing customer expectations and evolving technology have been with us for years but will take a new dimension as the year 2020 beckons on us.

Factors Influencing E-commerce Development: ImplicationsAutomation is one of the chief factors that will shape the trends as the year beckons. Logistics is going to influence the way eCommerce companies transact their started multiple businesses in e-commerce in 2020. This will make the shipping faster and easier and the issues bothering on customer service can be resolved quite fast with more economic value using chatbox. Robots will take the place of humans in warehouses and drones delivering customer orders and the process will be done faster than ever before. Embracing automation will cut down on shipping as well as delivery times. Customer service will also be impacted greatly.

Mobile And Voice Searches

The duo of mobile and voice searches will evolve in the coming year because online searchers will use it as a method of finding and purchasing products online. With mobile searches accelerating virtually at the rate of knots and along with it the coming of voice searches on the go increasing to a significant proportion gaining a massive foothold it is a certainty that this trend is definitely going to be one of the biggest determining and deciding factors in the context.  

The above represents one of the trends that will shape the market in 2020 which will lead to significant sales growth and merchants who take advantage of this will reap the rewards in the year 2020. Mobile-friendly sites with very fast servers will benefit immensely from this arrangement.

Same-day shipping and same-day delivery

The customer of 2020 wants things done quickly. This has been the trend for some time now and it will take prominence assuming paramount & predominant importance in 2020. The stats show that a staggering 80% of the users in 2019 prefer same-day delivery options at their checkout and the trend will rule the waves in 2020. Brands are advised to explore the best practices that will ensure smooth deliveries by taking the following practical steps:

Auditing and optimizing the supply chain. 

Automation of the fulfillment process for bringing down the delivery time and reducing human error. 

Learning customs in advance for international shipping.

Political factors

Mention can also be made of the Brexit as one of the factors that will dictate the tune in 2020. The threat of the US to pull out of the UPU is another factor that will change the apple carts in 2020. 

The above are the trends that will dictate the pace of the E-Commerce Platforms for 2020. 


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