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Is Saturday tomorrow

by Klara Kelley (2020-04-26)

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Yes, it is Saturday tomorrow.

If today is Friday what is tomorrow?
Tomorrow would be Saturday if it is Friday today.

What is tomorrow's tomorrow?
Tomorrow's tomorrow is also know as the day after tomorrow. The answer depends on what day of the week tomorrow is. If today is Saturday, then tomorrow's tomorrow is Monday. On Monday, today will be yesterday's yesterday.

What is the day after tomorrow if yesterday was Friday?
Monday. If yesterday was Friday, then today is Saturday and the day after tomorrow is Monday.

Will roye-williams elementary have school tomorrow?
Tomorrow is Saturday and most schools don't have sessions.

What does mañana es sabado mean?
Tomorrow is Saturday.

Are you going horse riding tomorrow?
As its a Saturday, yes!

What is today if yesterday is tomorrow?
If today is for example Monday, the answer would be Saturday. "What is today if yesterday..," means you go back one day (Sunday) and "what's the day if Sunday is tomorrow" would be Saturday.

Is tomorrow Mother's Day?
If today is the second Saturday in May then yes, tomorrow is Mother's Day, regardless of which year it is.

What day would tomorrow be if yesterday was 5 days before the day after sunday's tomorrow?
Thursday. That took two people and a long bit of discussion to discover, though. no actually it would be Saturday. heres how it goes. Tuesday is the day after Sundays tomorrow. count back 5 days Thursday. but that would be yesterday. we want tomorrow. if yesterday was Thursday... tomorrow would be Saturday.

Is blackfriars school in the gorbals Glasgow opened tomorrow?
No as it is Saturday!

What do you mean by demain au samedi?
Literally: tomorrow to saturday

The day before yesterday was Wednesday then the day after tomorrow is?
Sunday Day before yesterday = Wednesday Yesterday = Thursday Today = Friday Tomorrow = Saturday Day after Tomorrow = Sunday

Who thinks the world is going to end tomorrow on Saturday?
It's not time yet.

Are Brooklyn schools closed tomorrow?
Today is Saturday, so yes, New York City public schools in Brooklyn are closed (no classes) tomorrow.

What day would be if Wednesday was five days before the day after tomorrow?
Five days after Wednesday is Monday. So if Monday is the day after tomorrow, today is Saturday.

If tomorrow is yesterday and today is Saturday what is today?
It's "Saterday". You just answered it yourself.

You have no classes tomorrow in Philippines?
yeah we have a class on Saturday and Sunday.. no classes on monday to Friday

A teacher walks into the Classroom and says If only Yesterday was Tomorrow Today would have been a Saturday Now on which Day did the Teacher make this Statement?
If a teacher walks into the Classroom and says. "If only yesterday was tomorrow, today would have been a Saturday" the teacher made the statement on Monday.

If 4 days after the day before yesterday is Sunday what is tomorrow?
If 4 days after the day before yesterday is Sunday tomorrow is... 7-4+2+1 = 6 (Saturday) Forget the first part. Tomorrow is Tuesday. Great question.

Did Justin bieber leave barbados already?
Justin Bieber is still in Barbados, he's stayin at Crane, in St.Phillip. I think he is either leavin tomorrow or on Saturday as he has a concert in Toronto on Saturday!

When is Justin Bieber's music video coming?
TODAY on Myspace and Much Music and hopefully on YOUTUBE tomorrow, SATURDAY.

What is a sentence using the word tournament?
There is going to be a tournament tonight. The tournament game is tomorrow. We have a tournament game Saturday.

What are the release dates for Saturday Night Live - 1975 Fran Tarkenton Leo Sayer Donnie Harper and the Voices of Tomorrow 2-13?
Saturday Night Live - 1975 Fran Tarkenton Leo Sayer Donnie Harper and the Voices of Tomorrow 2-13 was released on: USA: 29 January 1977

Why isn't it Friday?
Because yesterday wasn't Thursday and tomorrow won't be Saturday! Just follow the song... you'll soon get it

What time and day did the earthquake stopped?
Today is Friday, yesterday was Thursday, tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes after that, and the earthquake stopped after that...

Can you name five days of the week without saying or writing Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday or Saturday?
The day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, The day after tomorrow Answered by RANU

If three days ago was the day before Friday what day will be after tomorrow?
day before Friday = Thursday three days ago = Friday Saturday Sunday = today day after tomorrow = Monday Tuesday Answer: Tuesday

Which day of the week is it today?
If you are reading this today, it is Wednesday, however, if you are reading it tomorrow then today is Thursday; or if you are reading it on tomorrow's tomorrow, 카지노커뮤니티 today is Friday; but then again, reading it on tomorrow's tomorrow's tomorrow, today is Saturday, and so on. So depending when you are reading this relative to when I wrote it, today is Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. However, if you look at...

Tomorrow is neither Wednesday nor Thursday yesterday was not Friday or Saturday today is not Thursday or Sunday or monday what is today?
Today is Friday

The day before two days after the day before tomorrow is Saturaday What day is it today?
Today is Friday! 1)Ignore the days, just look at the key point - "tomorrow is Saturday" 2)Obviously today must be Friday.

What day would yesterday be if Friday was four days before the day after tomorrow?
My reasoning is thus: If as in the question - Yesterday was Saturday then: Today would be Sunday so 'the day after tomorow' would be: Tuesday - -(tomorrow being Monday) and: Friday comes 4 days before Tuesday (on the 7 day loop.....Friday...Saturday...Sunday...Monday...Tuesday......and so on in a loop)

When will princess protection program show?
it already showed tonight (Saturday June 27, 09) but it will show again tomorrow on Disney channel.

What is the forecast for tomorrow in Atlanta?
Saturday May 5: a high of 86 and a low of 64; 30 percent chance of isolated thunder showers.

Is the world going to end on Saturday 21?
Scientists all over the world have the same theory it will but since it's tomorrow I hope it won't.

How do you say the days of the week today tomorrow and yesterday in Tigrinya?
Monday=Sony Tuesday=Soloose Wednesday=Reba'h Thursday=Hamoose Friday=Arbee Saturday=Kedam Sunday=Senbet Today=Lowmee Tomorrow=Tsba'h Yesterday=Tehmalee

Is the converse of a true if-then statement never true?
Converses of a true if-then statement can be true sometimes. For example, you might have "If today is Friday, then tomorrow is Saturday," and "If tomorrow is Saturday, then today is Friday." Both the above conditional statement and its converse are true. However, sometimes a converse can be false, such as: "If an animal is a fish, then it can swim." and "If an animal can swim, it is a fish." The converse is not...

Can you name 3 consecutive days without using the works Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday?
Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Can you name three consecutive days without using the words monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday or Sunday?
Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

What is the Time difference between Nigeria and Los Angeles?
It depends on the time of year. From 10:00 UTC on the second Sunday of March until 09:00 UTC on the first Sunday of November, Nigeria (UTC+1) is eight hours ahead of California (UTC-8/UTC-7). During the rest of the year, the time difference is nine hours. 4 AM PST (in California Nov-Mar) = 5 AM PDT (in California Mar-Nov) = 1 PM WAT (in Nigeria)

What is time for the first flight from UK to Malaysia tomorrow Sunday 24 march 2012?
12pm 24th is a Saturday, it'll be a Sunday next year.

Name three consecutive days one after the other without naming the days monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday?
yesterday - today - tomorrow

When the day before yesterday was referred to as the day after tomorrow the day that was then called yesterday was as far away from today as today is from next Saturday what day was statement made?
I think Tuesday.

How do you fit a wiper motor on a vectra c 1.9 cdti?
i will let you know,,have brought a second hand wiper motor which i intend to fit tomorrow Saturday,, i will let you know how i get on?

Will banks be open 23rd December 2011?
Yes they are - they'll close at normal closing time today (23rd) and they're open tomorrow too for their usual Saturday hours.

When does Britain's next top model start 2009?
filming starts tomorrow, the girls are in a hotel at the moment and have been since Saturday morning. my friends girlfriend is in it, i think it gets aired in April

What times are the AFC games?
Baltimore @ Tennessee 3:30PM Central Time, CBS Today (Saturday) San Diego @ Pittsburgh 3:30PM Central Time, CBS Tomorrow (Sunday)

If it is 10pm in Louisiana what time is it in London?
When it is 10pm in Louisiana today (Friday) it is 3am in London tomorrow (Saturday). At the specified time, local time in London is 5 hours ahead of New Orleans

Is Walmart Pharmacy Open on Good Friday?
it shouldn't be open because good Friday is a holiday,but if your going for medication then unfortunately you'll have to wait until tomorrow (Saturday) when everything opens again.

Can you go back to things you gave up for Lent on Saturday?
Well, look at it this way: Back in the 1930's and 40's, Lent officially ended at noon on Holy Saturday. When and why it was changed to Lent ending at midnight on Holy Saturday, I don't know, but over the years it changed for some reason. So, if you want to follow "the old way", Lent would wind up for you at noon tomorrow.

If you get paid once a month will i get paid tomorrow?
you need to be more specific, what is the date tomorrow and when did you last get paid? For example, I get paid once a month, on the last day of the month unless it is a weekend. So, I will get paid on the 31st October 2009 which is a Saturday, so I will get paid on Friday the 30th October 2009 instead. Hope this helps.

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