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How do I breastfeed?

"kenan kahya" (2020-10-18)

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Your newborn has a small stomach, but it grows rapidly: from the size of an apricot in the first week to the size of a large chicken egg in the second week. In this way, he always adapts to your increasing milk production.1,2 By always giving your baby exactly what it needs at the moment and breastfeeding as needed, you help him to regain his birth weight and continue to grow.


"You can expect to breastfeed every two to three hours during the day. At night you may get longer breaks, for example three to four hours, maybe even five, ”explains  different and every baby is different. Some babies are "fast eaters" and fed within 15 minutes, while others can stay on the breast for up to an hour. Do not compare your breastfeeding rhythm with that of other mothers and babies - because it is probably very different. "


Have your baby drink as much from one breast as they want each time they breastfeed, then offer the other one to take it or not.  Baby Falls Asleep While Breastfeeding  When it is full, it will let go of your breast on its own, lie calmly and relaxed in your arm and possibly even fall asleep. At the next breastfeeding meal, offer him the other breast first. You can use an app to keep track of which side you were breastfeeding on most recently.


Why does my baby want to breast all the time?

As a rule, the first month of breastfeeding is the most strenuous. But just because your baby seems to be permanently hungry and wants to breastfeed very often - maybe even every 45 minutes - does not mean that you have too little milk.


Babies often need to breastfeed in the first month to stimulate and build up their milk production. This also lays the foundation for long-term good milk production. 3


Don't forget that babies also want to have near-constant contact with their mothers - the bright lights and sounds of the outside world can be scary for your baby at first, and it takes contact with you to calm down.


Sara, mother of three children from Great Britain, agrees: “Crying is not always a sign of hunger - sometimes my babies just wanted to be with me or suck to calm them down. Use a sling. Let your baby sleep in an extra bed. Don't look at the clock. Rest whenever it is possible. The cleaning can wait. Ask others for help. Not just for the first three days, but for at least six weeks! Enjoy cuddling and always trust your body. "

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