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Top Ways in Which the Drama Skills Helped Acquire Business Success

by Brenna Morehouse (2020-06-29)

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Business is a very tough field. A person needs to play multiple roles, right from a good communicator to a good presenter, leadership qualities, motivating others, working in a team, etc. Basically, a business person has to be the most dynamic person around who also has an adamant sense of presence. Those people who dream of making it big in the business world and are looking for tips to enhance their skills are strongly recommended to join the drama group Peterborough and even go ahead and complete a major in drama. Many would be shell shocked at this tip, but they do not realize how drama nurtures and hones all the business acumen within you. Let's understand how the drama class fine tunes your business skills to pave the path of success.


Live performances on stage are a fertile ground of sudden unexpected catastrophes! Dropped lines, missed entrances, or malfunctioning props are something that can happen out of the blue! Being a live show, the artists have been drilled that in these situations they are not to lose their cool and improvise the situation as best as it could be and move ahead with utter calm and poise as if nothing has opened. Thus a person is inadvertently taught to always maintain their cool, learn to focus, improvise as fast and possible and cover mishap as if everything is going as planned. This problem-solving ability serves a business man to the hilt when he faces unexpected havoc at the worst timings with his clients, airlines, team, etc.

Project Management

A stage production is quite similar to a business project. Various small teams come together to form a big team to successfully complete the job at hand such that you earn an applause and even an occasional standing ovation. Learning to handle a crisis, managing everyone to cumulatively put together a satisfactory performance is exactly the way business project is being handled in a business environment. The skills acquired serve far better in the business world than they did in the drama world and one can become a successful project manager.

Customer service skills

As an actor, it is inevitable that he/she gains a vast perspective of human behavior because of his portraying of different characters through role-playing. This insight and understanding sharpen his business skills as he is able to gain a quick perspective and appreciation of the other point of view like customer needs. This drama training of interactive role playing comes very handy in successful interaction with buyers, sellers, clients, colleagues, etc. The person can immediately empathize with other person's concerns.

Presentation skills

All of us are well aware of any corporate employee having to endure at one point or the other, some annoying long training sessions or corporate presentations by dull, boring, incompetent presenters. However, drama training can bring a complete changeover. It grooms people to stand with cool and calm in front of a crowd and effectively communicate their message. They tend to engage the crowd and keep the session fun and engrossing with plenty of humor and even a little entertainment. This also induces better learning. His ability to speak in a vocal dramatic way also leaves a big impact.

Making difficult choices

If you thought difficult decisions have to be made only in business, you are way off the mark. The drama niche is also space where you just have to make spur of the moment difficult choices. Like selecting the best candidate, 최신드라마 making the right difficult decision in times of crisis like an actor suddenly backing out, the stage not set as planned or any other crisis. Solving them with a calm mind trains you of not losing it in crisis situations and making even a tough decision to bets deal with the crisis. This problem solving and decision making skill proves a goldmine asset for any corporate employee, irrespective of his position. He would always emerge a winner.

Thus, one always benefits from drama training, even if it is just a hobby.

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