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Clay Beads - Making A Bracelet - -

by Olen Terry (2020-07-02)

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390.jpgkaolinite clay mineral - Beads - Loads Of Fun
Simply put, using clay beads is tons of fun. The possibilities of the that you can do with these is limitless and every opportunity is also fun and enjoyable. In this article I want to share with you just some of the ways used these little works well with art to make your individual creative and incredible creations.
1. Making jewelry- This is the most apparent and popular use of these little creations. Whether you are making bracelets, necklaces, or earrings you're sure to get hours of fun and joy in advance of you along with lasting memories and both in your head along with the tangible item which you create.
2. Wine Charms- This is one of the newer uses of clay beads. These are created by simply choosing a small hoop earring and putting one of the little china clay price - art pieces on it. They then clip to the stem of your wine glass to make for excellent decorations, conversation starters, and party favors.
3. Mosaics- This project has a whole other degree of creativity far more of beads. But the finished merchandise is incredible and the time spent focusing on these is priceless. The other wonderful thing about these projects is always that people of every age group can perform this. You simply take your beads and glue them in several designs and patterns. I will be honest, I am a perfectionist and please take a great deal of time planning and laying everything out. But in case you have a very five year old or a five year old mentality, you are able to dive head first into this project and work quickly and things will still come out well.
4. Beaded crosses- This project is extremely good since these make both great decorations and great gifts. They are also growing in popularity as a possible item to sale for anybody that run your small business. One word of caution. These are among the best undertaking of the project we have mentioned. This involves bending lots of wire and learning newer and more effective techniques. But with a little research plus a little investment of your energy you'll be able to create a thing that is equally as good as anything you have seen in a very store.
Working with clay beads is a lot of fun along with the ways that you simply can have fun with your little creations. Hopefully these ideas provides you with some guidance and help you to get started together with your upcoming craft projects.

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