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Australians could face hefty fines even if they're outdoors alone

by Darren Trouette (2020-04-04)

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Australians who are caught sunbathing in parks and beaches will be subject to hefty fines for breaching social distancing rules - even if they are alone.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said people who venture outside for their daily dose of fresh air should be 'walking through', not staying in one place. 

Lingering around in one area - even if you are social distancing - could pose a potential 'health risk' if multiple people decide to stay put, she warned.  

'What we're asking people to do - especially vulnerable people - is move through,' she told reporters on Wednesday. 

'You shouldn't really be stationary anywhere. You shouldn't be sitting anywhere - especially if 50 people might be social distancing, but if they're all sitting in a park, that's not acceptable.

'That's why police have had to act.' 

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Australians who go outside for their daily dose of fresh air should be 'walking through', not be stationary, officials warned 

Police on Tuesday descended on beaches and parks across Sydney to crackdown on social gatherings and isolation-breakers. 

Gatherings of more than two people - apart from immediate family - are banned in NSW and police have powers to fine those flouting the rules. 

Footage emerged on Tuesday of police booting people off public areas as they patrolled parks, beaches and hotspots around the city. 

The crackdown has since sparked confusion and criticism among members of the public over what exactly is considered a violation of social distancing guidelines. 






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When asked if a heavy police presence across the city will be the 'new normal', Ms Berejiklian admitted the efforts may seem 'onerous' but are intended to keep the community safe.   

'The police are only there to keep us safe. They don't mean to be overly zealous in their enforcement,' she added. 

'I think yesterday was a huge shock for everybody. For everybody to come to terms with the new laws, for the new way of living.'

Police said sunbathers could be subjected to hefty fines under tight new restrictions  

Gym goers are confronted by police for training at an outdoor gym at Greenhills in Cronulla Beach on Tuesday 

'Some people were asked to change their behaviour - and that's not intended for anyone to feel uncomfortable. 

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