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Google's Independence Day Doodle celebrates the underdog

by Dell Chan (2020-04-08)

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He's on his knees. But he will rise again. Google/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

On the Fourth of July, Americans put down their work tools, pick up their grilling tools, and celebrate what is finest about our nation: the freedom to eat, drink, and be free to eat and drink.

Many will laud one of the nation's core forms of sustenance: the hot dog.

Google, being of more modest mind, has decided to celebrate another form of dog: the underdog.

In a charming animated doodle, we see a young musician desperately trying to find his place in a marching band.

As "The Stars and Stripes Forever" rings out, he seeks to become at one with the loud trumpets and vast drums. But all he has is a tiny instrument.

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Still, this never stopped a true American before. With a little encouragement from the trumpet player, he finds himself at the front of the band. In America, you see, we don't leave the little people behind.

Some may find political allusions in this lovely doodle. Its creator, Betsy Bauer, though, said on Google's blog that when she was little, her dad was a high school band director. She was therefore able to combine two loves: 온라인카지노 marching bands and animation.

The 1950s-style animation was created by UPA -- the same people who brought you Mr. Magoo.

And so, even though our underdog nation is now out of the World Cup, America can still rejoice at securing its independence and being able to march ever forward to its own tune.


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