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Back To History of Transformers Before 1995

by Evie Lerma (2020-04-19)

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In 1964-1974, Barbie doll made by Mattel company had a big success in the toys world. According to the originality of Barbie doll, the creative director of Hasbro designed a series of soldier figures and named with g.i.joe. Subsequently, tour bali these soldier figures were attracted attention by Takara, one famous toys company in Japan and finally changed into henshin cyborg, one toys series with science fiction theme. In 1974, based on the science fiction theme, Microman Superman was launched and then became the popular toys at that time.

After 1980 in last century, one branch named micro change was separated from Microman Superman and changed into small scale robots, which was the predecessor of part of Transformers. In May 1984, Hasbro had collaborated with Takara and produced the first comic named Transformers by Marvel, one comic company. Later, as dancing ads about Transformers toys was got good reputation after showed on TV. According to the situation, the company decided to change the dancing ads to series animated cartoon completely. In 1984, Transformers was born and well-known all over the world soon.

Between 1986-1990, Transformers made in the U.S. got into the low tide period, Takara seized the chance to buy brand use right and animation production right of Transformers, then they began to produce series animation named HeadMaster. However, because of different stories and styles, the U.S. version Transformers had huge different with the Japan version Transformers, finally, this Japan company began to develop series Transformers Victory independently. However, the tide of Transformers had been gone, so Transformers Zone only launched one set named Ova. In 1990, the U.S. version of Transformers was end, which meant that the era of G1 was gone.

After U.S. version of Transformers was gone, back of Optimus Prime was released with the Tetrastar the Fighter as title in Japan, in this series, the ancestral Optimus Prime was reborn and become into Stars optimus prime. At the same time, Hasbro wanted to renew the classical figures in G1, but because of safety law on toys changed in the U.S., finally the pistol was changed into tank instead of the previous imitation guns. Within three years, one new proposal on Transformers was generated and series of Beast Wars was coming, which meant that the Transformers got into the beast era.

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