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Let The Inner Child Play with Cartoon TV Shows, While Cooking up a Storm in Reality

by Cynthia Hopkins (2020-05-06)

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Mickey, Duffy, Tom, Jerry, Shin-Shan, Bugs, these are not just names but memories of childhood. Popular characters played in Cartoon TV Shows that every child and adult alike likes to watch whenever they happen to see it on TV. Love, hate, friendship, teasing each other; emotions portrayed beautifully by these cartoon characters in various TV shows.

The Cartoon TV Shows have entertained kids and their parents since a long time. TV channels are successful in luring kids to watch their favourite cartoon shows. Such cartoons not only entertain people thoroughly but also have something to teach them. Animated series are also a hit with children and the adults alike, what with Cartoon TV Shows portraying animated action figures and popular comic super heroes in their animated avatar. Such animated characters are watched by both the kids and adults on both TV and on Internet.

Remember the tea with too much sugar in it, or the simple Maggi swimming in water with no masala...the burnt toast, which prompted you to look up the cook books and learn the right way to cook it, and by chance you discovered a Cooking TV Show with your favourite Chef showing you the ropes. Cooking TV shows offer people a chance to learn basic techniques of food making, but also how to cook beautifully. Learning the tricks of good cooking with signature delectable dishes made simple for the audience is the main theme of most cooking showstoday. There are so many cooking shows on air with different themes like healthy cooking, just sweets, cooking in 30 minutes etc. that has hooked many people and made them good cooks too.

If that doesn't satisfy your taste buds then you have the newest reality cooking tv shows. Such shows call for entrants from the audience and get them to cook food and showcase it to celebrated chef's, learn new tricks of trade and also experiment with their palates and flavours they like. Such cooking shows not only bring food to the table, but also drama, tears, happiness, achievement and 4050 success to the competing participants. In short, a reality cooking tv show is a complete story happening real time with participants and their families playing the roles.

Indian reality shows bring out the best and the worst in the people that are a part of it. Whether it is the dancing heroes, the singing, or better yet the augmented show with different people staying in a house for days together and their chemistry; it is food for the audiences these days. Audiences seem to lap up the emotions that run rampant in such Indian reality shows, or they want to know what is happening in the other's life more like the gold fish in the bowl. People are fascinated with reality shows, it gives them a chance to see others fulfill their dreams and maybe live vicariously too through such Indian reality shows. TV shows these days cater to every kind of audience, whether it's the kids, or the food novices or participants on reality shows who play a key role in keeping the audiences hooked and happy.

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