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Is a cop car still a cop car when there is no cop in the car

by Howard Heymann (2020-03-07)

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yes, because it is still a cop's car... he/she just isn't in it at the precise moment.... my car is still my car even if I'm not in it

Can you become a cop on the streets if you don't get tazzed?
Can you become a cop if you don't get tazzered but still go on the streets in a police car?????

How do you get a cop car in Need For Speed?
yes you get a cop car!!

What to do if a cop wants to search your car?
Stand still - and accept it ! If they have grounds to carry out the search - and you try to stop them - you can be charged with obstruction !

How can a cop car go so fast from stand still?
They have bigger engines with more horsepower, and they are tuned for rapid acceleration.

What is the worlds coolest cop car?
the worlds coolest cop car is located in London it is a lamborghini

When was Cop Car EP created?
Cop Car EP was created on 2009-08-09.

Why the cop car chase you when you drive a cop car like him?
Because you're breaking the law.

How do you dress like a cop in Grand Theft Auto IV?
You can't dress like a cop in GTA IV, but Niko can carry out vigilante jobs in a cop car, by using the in-car cop computer.

Was the cop car in the first transformers movie a dodge charger?
No it was not. The cop car "Barricade" was in fact a Saleen S281

How do you be a cop in gta4?
get a cop car and park and hit right bumper

Can you get a ticket from a cop if you don't have car insurance?
Yes you can I asked a cop

Can you drive your friends car and still be covered by his auto insurance even though you dont own the car?
Yes you absolutely can still be covered if your in a situation where you get pulled over by a cop and are in a friend's vehicle. All you need is permission and reasonable belief from the insured.

How do you get johnny in vigilante mode?
You cannot use the cop car vigilante mode in Episodes From Liberty City (The Ballad of Gay Tony and The Lost & Damned). If Johnny or Luis get in a cop car, they can still call up the computer, but View Most Wanted and View Criminal Activity will come up with an error message. They can still use Search Criminal Records and Call For Backup though.

What is the new movie that has a cop car with someone handcuff behind it and then they drag him?
the movie is cop out

Does being put in a cop car temporarily mean being arrested without going to jail?
Yes. If you are held but not put in a cell, you have still been arrested.

What car starts with the letter c and ends with p?
"Cop" Car

If a cop search a car and find drugs in the car can you be charged for it?
Yes, you can be.

Can a cop car beat mike Adam's Honda?
yes, it sure can. majority of cop cars have supercharged v8s but even the smallest cop car can destroy mike's half purple,half pink Honda with the loud exhaust

Do nice people steal a cop car?
Nice people do not steal ANYTHING- including cop cars.

How do you play co-op in gta 4?
just get in a cop car and press L1 that is how to be a cop

How much is a Lamborghini cop car?
They are not for sale.

How do you be a cop on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?
it's easy just date Helen to 100% then you will get cop outfit change into the cop outfit get in a cop car and do the mission That doesnt answer the right question!!!

What are the ratings and certificates for Still Standing - 2002 Still Good Cop 1-13?
Still Standing - 2002 Still Good Cop 1-13 is rated/received certificates of: Argentina:Atp

What kind of cop car does California have?
a 1997 v8 sports car that does not liik like a sports car

Can radar detectors tell you if a cop car is near you?
Only if he has his radar gun on. Radar detectors are not cop detectors.

What are the release dates for Still Standing - 2002 Still Good Cop 1-13?
Still Standing - 2002 Still Good Cop 1-13 was released on: USA: 27 January 2003

What is the Malay word for hello?
Copancar. (COP-AND-CAR)

Is it easier to become a city cop or 저신용장기렌트 a state patrol officer?
A city cop but you still have to go to school

Can you be a police officer on gta iv ps3?
no well not that i know of the only way to become a cop is to steal a cop car

If your pulled over driving your fathers car can the cop search the car?
With probable cause, yes he can.

How do you get a cop job in GTAiv?
By jacking a cop car, Niko can access the cop computer (instructions on screen) to find names of criminals to hunt down in vigilante mode, and gain a reward.

How far can a cop follow?
If you mean "How far can a cop follow you before pulling you over," a cop can follow you any distance as long as he/she is still within the correct jurisdiction.

Is a cop like car a good car for a first time driver?
i would say its a big car. but is kind of good

Can you pull over some one in a cop car on grand theft auto 4?
Niko can only pull someone over in a cop car in a normal GTA 4 game during the mission he carries out for Mikhail Faustin, called Crime & Punishment. The only other way it might be different is if there is a mod or a cheat. However, if he is driving along in a cop car otherwise, and has the police siren turned on, motorists on the road will try and pull out of his...

Where can you find a used cop car?
All I have to say is lol. Well if you know what model of cop car your city uses that is a big help in tracking one down. If you were to purchase a used "cop car" they would make you paint it first and take out all their gadgetry before they would let you buy it. You can go to jail for impersonating an officer of the law.

What actors and actresses appeared in Good Cop Fat Cop - 2009?
The cast of Good Cop Fat Cop - 2009 includes: Shaun Dolon as Good Cop George Gaede as Man in Car John Hertlein III as Hippie Keith Russo as Fat Cop Paul Vaillancourt as Chief of Police

When is a motorcycle exhaust illegal?
when a cop can hear it from the inside of his car

How do you get a UK cop car on gta sa?
You can't, its a mod.

Do the cop car sirens turn on?
Yes but you can't turn them on when you get in

What does a police car have that regular cars do not?
A cop in the driver's seat!

Can you be a cop in Grand Theft Auto vice city?
You cannot be a cop in gta vice city but you can wear the police uniform (unlocked after a mission) carry a baton, pistol and drive a cop car.

What are the release dates for Smash Lab - 2007 Co2 Cop Car 1-12?
Smash Lab - 2007 Co2 Cop Car 1-12 was released on: USA: 26 March 2008

How fast can a dodge challenger cop car go than a regular car?
About as fast as a regular Dodge Challenger vs a "regular car"...

If two Glasgow neds are in a car who is driving?
Neither the Cop is Driving

What was Ozzy Osbourne crimes?
one time he pooped on a cop car

How fast does a Crown Victoria cop car go?

How do you unlock the lamborghini gallardo nfs undercover PS2?
u can't get it as a normal car it on comes as a cop car

What does cop mean?
A police officer. The word 'cop' originated in 19th century England, where 'to cop' meant 'to seize, to arrest'. The expression 'It's a fair cop', meaning 'you caught me red-handed doing something wrong' is still being used there.

What is the fastest car in gta2?
the fastest car in gta2 for PC is ofcourse the cop car..BUT....there are two other cars that are about as fast : THE MICHELLE ROADSTER or BEAMER.

Can cop charge you with property damage in car accident when its your car damaged?
I would assume property damage is referring to whatever you hit or wrecked your car into.

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