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by Marti Husk (2020-04-08)

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SAP Cloud System Integration(In brief referred as cloud integration) is often a cloud-based integration System hosted on SAP Cloud Platform for integrating cloud apps with other cloud and on-premise options. The answer supports each procedure and information integration desires. Due to the fact cloud integration is offered as a assistance, the on desire Answer offers best standard of safety features. HCI is constructed applying open source technologies and provides a layout time (eclipse) and run time ecosystem. HCI runtime hosted on SAP HANA cloud makes it possible for processing, transformation and routing of messages. As of now run time supports connectivity by way of significant no of adapters like SFTP, IDOC, Cleaning soap, HTTP, Successfactors and OData.

What you'll learn in the Anubhav Trainings :-
You may study the overview of SAP Cloud System Integration (CPI)
Comprehend different types of SAP Cloud Services
Sorts of Adapters in SAP CPI
Distinction between SAP CPI vs SAP PO


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