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Tourism Ba Moi vineyard in early summer, hot place in Ninh Thuan

by david dulich van viet (2019-12-04)

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Coming to Ninh Thuan tourism in the sea, in addition to the cave, in addition to the majestic natural landscapes, there are fruitful vineyards where you can enjoy watching and eating. Specific information about Ba Moi vineyard tourism is definitely helpful for you in the upcoming trip.
Experiences for traveling to Ba Moi vineyard in early summer 2019

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General information about tourism of vineyards in Ninh Thuan

Vineyard area: Ninh Thuan is the largest grape growing area in the country, mainly concentrated in Ninh Hai, Ninh Phuong, Phan Rang, Thap Cham regions ...

Classification: At present, Ninh Thuan mainly grows two grape varieties named red grapes and green grapes with mild sweetness and succulent. Red grapes are spherical when ripe with small red or dark red, while green grapes have a slightly thick skin when ripe, they turn to look beautiful and puffy yellow.

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Important information about Ba Moi vineyard

Location: Ba Moi Vineyard has the address at: Hiep Hoa Hamlet, Phuoc Thuan Commune, Ninh Phuoc District, Ninh Thuan Province.

Contact phone number: 0683.968.048

Opening time: Mr. Ba Moi's Vineyard is open year-round and is free for all visitors. In his vineyard, there is always a guide to welcome as well as introduce visitors to the vineyard and then take care and harvest process with the steps of processing into preparations from grapes such as wine, jam ...

Types of grapes in the garden: Currently there are more than 7 types of grapes in the orchard, including 4 for fresh consumption and 3 for wine processing. Currently, grapes in the garden are mainly used for Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi markets.

Driving directions to Ba Moi vineyard

Because of the location of Ba Moi vineyard, when you come to Ninh Thuan you can rent a motorbike and run down to the garden as instructed.

Starting from Phan Rang, you run along Highway 27 towards Thap Cham, stop at Thap Cham intersection (the road to Thap Cham station) from there, you turn left to the South to Cau Mong -> from Cau Bridge to the bridge to turn left. near drug store No. 10 -> go another 400m to Hiep Hoa Primary Road right at the rice drying yard -> go another 100m to reach Ba Moi grape farm (ask the people's way in this section)

Uncle Ba Moi Farm in recent years has always welcomed a large number of visitors to visit and shop

Interesting sharing about Ba Moi vineyard

Chu Ba Moi said that he opened the farm for the first time to visit nearly 2 years ago. In the coming time, the number of tourists suddenly increases significantly. On average, there are 2, 3 groups of tourists a day. Looking to learn from this experience.

All visitors to his vineyard are free to eat grapes and talk to Uncle Ba Moi to learn more about this grape. Uncle Ba is very close to sharing with everyone about how to identify Ninh Thuan grapes with other grapes, especially with Chinese grapes.

Above are the experiences of traveling to Ba Moi vineyard, Ninh Thuan hope you have a new destination for your trip. Dulichfun wishes you all the best of luck in every way.

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