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India is a democracy

by Susannah Isabel (2020-05-24)

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India is a democracy. It was first introduced in our country roughly from 1947 onwards. It gave people the right to choose their own representative and thereby forming a government who govern the people. Lately, there have been questions on counterparts and diversion of thoughts about democracy in people's mind. They have been masked by the fact that for a country like India democracy has been of utmost importance.

After serving for over 200 years to Britishers, we came to realise that monarchy was not working out but democracy would make things right. The power of having the governance in layman's hand is the basic concept of democracy and its ideology. There has been enough said and done in regards to the democratic system continuing and developing in our country. Importance of education in school life is helpful for school kids.

The fundamental beliefs and constitutional principles comprise. Indulging in activities which benefit the constitution as well as the government are of the highest regard. Citizens should actively participate and make use of these opportunities.

In countries like China, UAE, Britain has ultimately no stature. At the grass-root level, there is no freedom for kids, no freedom in schools, and du lịch hồ ba bể ultimately no freedom in education. This hinders the basic understanding of the concept of freedom in young minds.

In a country where 65% of the population accounts for youth, education for democracy in India can be done by various means. Simple activities including being updated with the political situation of our country to going out there and giving a vote make a huge difference. Understanding of democracy and the role of democracy in society help in equivalent development in all the parts of the country since a democratic government has representatives from each part of the country.

The best example of a person taking advantage of the democratic system of our country and rising to power is our current Prime Minister Narendra Modi. From a tea vendor to chairing the Prime Minister's seat. This is the beauty of democracy, that it allows you to become anything and do anything you wish to! Afterall, Libertas perfundet omnia luce.

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