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International Organization For Standardization- Origin And Benefits to The Business

by Christel Allard (2020-05-24)

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ISO Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland In the year 1947 an Organization came into existence to promote worldwide Industrial and commercial standards. Delegates of 25 countries meet together to discuss the future possibilities of International standardization, and now in 164 countries, the standardized body operates covers almost every aspect of the business. It is an Independent, non-governmental Organization. It provides a common standard between nations and also one of the largest developers of International standards. Twenty thousand standards have been set to date covering all aspects of the business right from manufactured products, technology know-how, food and safety, agriculture and healthcare.

Use of best practices of Standard helps to create products and services that are reliable, safe and of good quality. It helps businesses to increase productivity, minimizing errors and waste. Companies who are planning to enter into new market use if standard facilitates to do the same and enabling them to compare different markets product specification wise. It ensures that products that are certified are internationally set the quality standard.

ISO standard has developed a series of ISO certification which includes ISO 9000, ISO 14000, ISO 22000 and others to follow based on business specifications. ISO series represents the quality assurance processes that differ according to different Industries. For example, the ISO 9000 series deals with Quality management standards. Organizations who are ISO 9000 certified maintain some standards for management delivering quality products and services.

Over million Industries have been certified under ISO 9000 series worldwide. It helps to build quality management standards. It also helps in making business reputable in the eyes of consumers and suppliers.

How an Organization get ISO certified:

The international standard Organization does not certify any organization on its own; they have certain ISO certification bodies in different countries that help the company to get ISO certification. The process which they follow is appointed auditors of certification body will come over to an Organization and conduct an In-house audit of the overall operation and the process involved. Once the audit has completed then they issue ISO certification to an Organization. During the audit, if auditors find any error they issue the non-conformity and handover to management for rectification. They won't issue a certificate if they found much non-conformity.

Accreditation bodies appoint ISO certification bodies. They both work closely with each other, to ensure that they issue a certificate only to those Organizations who meet International Quality standards.

How getting Certification helps the Organization:

Day to day business improvement along with that ISO certification has several other benefits also which are listed as follows:

Improve efficiency in overall business operations it helps in to build a process

Retain customers and improve customer satisfaction

Eligibility for contracts where ISO certification is a mandatory requirement

Customers can trust ISO certified Organization more than the Organizations which don't have a certificate

It helps the team who is following the process of communicating and marketing

Depending on the type of Industry ISO have many other benefits also, for instance, it has better waste management, du lịch hồ ba bể with the help of data efficiency in planning, better waste management, and evaluate raw material.

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