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Know About Aluminum Extruded And 2024 Aluminum

by Graciela Jamar (2020-06-30)

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Extrusion is nothing but the process by which any kind of metal takes different shapes and forms.
Aluminum extruded is one of the most common products in this method. With the help of this kind of extruded aluminum, manufacturers create many things. By punching different holes or hollow cavities and/or putting several slots, we can place bars or any other material to connect it to one or more into it.

Apart from Aluminum extruded, tour du lịch thái lan there are many other metals found, tour thái lan giá rẻ which go through the extrusion process.

Before enumerating the further discussion, we should know how extrusion process is done. When shape of any metal is to be changed, then application of heat is very much required, so that this heat can melt the metal. In the process of extrusion, we find hot extrusion, warm extrusion and cold extrusion as the broad category.
In case of hot extrusion, temperature is kept in such a level that it should soften the material and tour thái lan should not harden it so easily. Hydraulic press is there for this kind of process. Thus, it is found to be the most expensive one among the three types. In case of warm extrusion, temperature is kept in such a level that it should reach more than room temperature, but lower than recrystallization temperature of the material.

This kind of extrusion guarantees more ductility of the material. In case of cold extrusion, the temperature should be maintained equal or less than the room temperature. This kind of extrusion is done to get the good surface finish of the end products. We can always use extruded aluminum as per the requirement of the desired final product.

2024 aluminum is the alloy with magnesium and copper as the alloying elements.

This alloy is used in those applications, where high strength to the weight ratio along with better fatigue resistance is required. This kind of alloy is not prepared for welding. Moreover, this alloy has average machinability.

2024 aluminum has poor corrosion resistance and it is mostly combined with aluminum or Al-1Zn for protection. This kind of alloy can reduce the fatigue strength.

When we talk about the mechanical properties of this kind of alloy, then the properties of 2024 depends on the temper of the material. Wide use of 2024 can be seen in aircraft structures due to its high strength and fatigue resistance properties. Use of this alloy is mostly seen in wing and fuselage structures under tension.

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