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Download the selfish net program

by Angelika Paspalis (2020-07-01)

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We sometimes notice a slow speed in the internet while browsing, and also notice a very bad quality of the internet connection, and certainly this is usually due to more than one person communicating with your router, so the user may be distributing the windows of the routers to many people, whether this is for the neighbors who share with you in Routers or others, the more the number of those connected to the router and the Internet is large, the connection is slow and the quality of the Internet is poor. This is in addition to how to use the Internet. The problems that you may face and all of this leads to disrupting other users from a fair connection to the Internet, but there is a solution for all and all of these problems, by dividing the speed of the Internet and identifying it to users and callers of the router, so today we will talk about the Selfishnet 2020 program to control the speed of the Internet for callers On the router, with downloading the program to your device and explaining how to use it in a picture. The program works on Windows 7 and J operating systems Windows 8 and Windows 10 and its size is approximately 9MB, and through the Selfish net program you can monitor all devices connected to the router and control the Internet speed for each device and divide the speeds on all devices fairly as well as the ability to disconnect from some users in case of need to do so and also The ability to specify a specific speed for a user and specific speeds for the rest of the users.

This is one of the best programs available in the field of dividing and defining the Internet for users and connected to the router in addition to the ability to distribute it as desired on all devices connected to the Internet. The program has now become available for download in the latest version and the program is now available in several different sources on the Internet. The program is the people who own the internet in their home and many people use them and therefore the devices connected to the network are distributed to all users randomly but with this program the speeds for each device will be determined tightly, and you can detect people who are trying to enter on your internet or They try to steal it and you can simply block them and manage your network.

Possibilities and advantages of Selfishnet 2020

• This program can know the number of people and devices connected to your internet and the router, and the program can also know the speed of each device connected to your router and from here you can know the people who download different files from the Internet which weakens the Internet and makes it slow.
• The program can determine and distribute the Internet speed in the quantity you want and also the program can determine the download and upload speed for each device connected to your router and the Internet, as well as the ability to discover all devices connected to your router in real and current time, whether those devices are phones or Desktop computers and other tablets, and detecting regular Internet users or Wi-Fi.
• The program enables you to obtain a detailed report on the speeds withdrawn and used from the Internet from all connected devices and know the amount of consumption and use of each device separately by reading and feeling each device connected to the network, regardless of the type and version of this device.
• The program also enables you to disconnect the Internet from some users or devices connected to the router and the Internet and also set a specific speed for them so that they cannot consume more than you have set for them.
• Finally, this program is characterized by its ease and simplicity, as it has a simple and uncomplicated interface that can be used easily without the need to learn that, and the program comes in a small size so that it does not take up space from your device and does not need multiple resources to use it, as the program comes compatible with all operating systems such as Windows 7 , 8 in various versions and others such as Mac systems and other systems as it is compatible with many devices of all kinds, as the program does not need you to enter the router settings page or enter a password and a name used and other or enter the network system, the program is very safe and easy to use and does not require you to enter Any data and you can use it anywhere, from anywhere in the home, cafe, work and others.

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