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Paul Hogan hits out at politically incorrect humour

by Wilbur Westall (2020-07-08)

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Actor Paul Hogan has slammed political correctness while promoting his new comedy, The Very Excellent Mr Dundee.  

The 80-year-old reflected on the humour in The Paul Hogan Show, which ran from 1973 to 84, while speaking to The Herald Sun this weekend.   

'There would be some changes but not many,' Paul said of the skit show.  

'Australians are down to earth': Paul Hogan, 80, has slammed political correctness in comedy during an interview with The Herald Sun this week, as he promoted his new project The Very Excellent Mr Dundee.

Here: California, 2019

The actor, who famously broke into comedy in his 30s, said the show was produced with the intention of entertaining the audience.   


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'Unless you are sitting there looking to be offended, it was done without malice,' Paul said of the program. 

'It's not designed to hurt anybody, it's designed to not take life too seriously and have a laugh.'

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