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Event Security in UK and The Private Security Industry Act 2001

by Maureen Akhtar (2020-07-09)

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In UK, SIA regulates event security services under the Private Security Industry Act of 2001. Any individuals that are to be involved in providing protection services at events such as manned guards or petrol officer require an SIA licence to operate. In order to determine which licence is required; you can consider that when the activity is in relation to the licensed premises, then only a door supervisor licence will be required, otherwise a security guard licence or a door supervisor licence will be required depending on the role of the individual.

The Private Security Industry Act

The Act which was amended in 2001, takes into account that around 4 billion worth of money is involved in security services business which also employs over 250,000 people. It is a significant number when you would think that all over UK the strength of Police personnel is around 150,000. By granting licences to security personnel, SIA ensures that event organisers and venue managers can rest easy as far as the safety of their event is concerned. It also standardises the entire business by adhering to a statutory code of practice.

Under Section 3, Schedule 2 of the amended Private Security Industry Act of 2001; the licence requirements are determined by the role of a particular individual.

  • A front line licence is needed when undertaking designated licensable activity, other than key holding.
  • A non-front line licence is for those who would manage or supervise or employ other individuals that are engaged in designated licensable activity, and tour du lịch đài loan từ hà nội as long as they themselves don't carry out front line activity.

Event Security

Providing protection to guests is of main concern whenever organising any event. As such, event security service providers come into play. They train and provide guards and tour đài loan officers specialising in protecting and guarding both the guests and assets at any event. These security personnel are well trained in skills such as conflict management, entrance checks, site checks, marshalling crowds and exit management strategies. In case of any eventuality, they know how to provide emergency services such as first aid and fire marshalling in addition to working closely with the Police and Fire Brigade.

Normally they provide security in events such as,

  • Sports events
  • PR Events
  • Private Functions
  • Trade Fairs and Consumer Expos
  • Special Launch Events, etc.

For a detailed information on the Act, refer to the SIA guide here.

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