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RDS in Car Dvd Player

by Hattie Phelps (2020-07-22)

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400px-Maslow's_hierarchy_of_needs.svg.pnThe head unit in the car at early time only has DVD player function and radio. The car DVD player in modern time is much cutting-edge. And the price is also high some times it may the same as a second hand car. The head units come with different function. And the original radio function gets no much attention. Now we would like to focus on radio.It's still good to listen radio when you driving on the road. Other function such as surfing on the head unit or playing ideo may distract you. But you can drive safe at the same time when you are driving.Radio is updated too.There is RDS which is short for Radio Data System.

Radio Broadcast Data System (RBDS) is the official name used for the U.S. version of RDS.It is a communications protocol standard for embedding small amounts of digital information in conventional FM radio broadcasts. RDS standardizes several types of information transmitted, including time, station identification and programe information.

There are different kinds of fields are normally contained in the RDS data, such as AF (alternative frequencies),EON (enhanced other networks),TMC (traffic message channel),CT (clock time),TA, TP (traffic announcement, traffic programme),PI (programme identification),RT (radio text),PS (programme service),PTY (programme type).

And now I'd like to discuss the AF,PTY,AF,TA,DX/LOC.

AF (alternative frequencies)

One radio station has different frequency in different area. And if you turn on the AF function, then it can keep the same program. This can let the head unit seach the same the same station when the first signal becomes too weak (e.g., when moving out of range). So that you can keep listening the same station with our serching it. It helps you save time.You needn't to worry about you will miss the station.And what's more it can automatically help you change a strong signal of the station.


It's for you to set the distant and local mode. When you find the radio signal is not so good, you need to set Loc mode.

TA, TP (traffic announcement, traffic programme)

The receiver can often be set to pay special attention to this flag and, for example, stop the tape/pause the CD or retune to receive a traffic bulletin. The TP flag is used to allow the user to find only those stations that regularly broadcast traffic bulletins whereas the TA flag is used to signal an actual traffic bulletin in progress, with radio units perhaps performing other actions such as stopping a cassette tape (so the radio can be heard) or raising the volume during the traffic bulletin.

PTY (programme type)

This coding of up to 31 pre-defined programme types allows users to find similar programming by genre. PTY31 seems to be reserved for 로맨스 웹툰 emergency announcements in the event of natural disasters or other major calamities.

And you can find there are many kinds of car DVD player with the RDS function. We also have the car DVD mentioned. And you need to check the user manual about this function carefully. There are also contries doesn't support RDS. Sometimes, we meet with our customer complain that the head unit is very good but it's strange that the head unit can change the radio station automatically when they are driving. And they think that there is something wrong with the head unit and want to repair it. After checking it for them, the problem lies in that they turn on the function of RDS. If you turn off it, everything is OK.

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