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Review of 2004 Suzuki Gsx - R 600

by Porfirio Gartner (2020-07-25)

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During the Milan show, when everybody was busy guessing if the new biggies had indeed 180 or just 175 hp, it was easy to overlook the unassuming 2004 GSX-R 600A new cylinder head boasts more compact combustion chambers with a narrow, 22-degree valve angle and bigger ports. A new 32-bit ECU processes info faster and has more memory Motorrad Verkleidungen . The muffler internals are made of titanium, though its skin is aluminum, while the exhaust piping is made from stainless steel.Now to the heart of the bike, the 599cc four-cylinder minister of high velocity.

The engine has been the subject of much scrutiny and revision, which has yielded a 4% gain in power. Suzuki claims 118hp at 13,000 rpms, with torque topping 51.4 pounds/feet at 10,800 rpmThe GSX-R's new brakes received top marks for their ease of modulation, providing plenty of power without any grabbiness. Fuel injection is nigh on perfect CBR Verkleidungen. The light throttle action makes unintended speed adjustments more likely the bumpier a road is, but ultimately aids in reducing rider fatigue, whether on a long ride, at a track day, or during a race. After riding other motorcycles with a heavy throttle pull, the light throttle action takes a small adjustment period.

The frame wasn't just painted black, as it has undergone its share of changes, as well. The main frame spar is 1mm taller, has two internal ribs, and the overall width has been reduced by 15mm. These changes are intended to increase stiffness in the horizontal and vertical planes to help increase stability on the brakes and in corners Kawasaki Verkleidungen.Rake has been reduced slightly from 24 degrees, to 23.25 and trail has gone from 96mm to 93mm.

Wheelbase remains 1400mm. Weight distribution is 50.5/49.5 front/rear, giving just a slight bias to the front. The swingarm has bracing now, giving it a suspiciously familiar look, like it came from the 1000, which it has.The sub-frame is now a bolt-on piece, instead of being a non-removable item.The chassis and suspension combine to make cornering a delight. Accurate, light steering that also gives a planted feeling gives the rider loads of confidence.

On a favorite local road, one that is fairly tight, rather gnarly and features elevation changes, the GSX-R600 is in its element. At more elevated speeds, the bike remains planted, hồ ba bể but willing to change directions with minimal effort and no drama.The motor is excellent, ergonomics are good, the chassis and suspension make the little Gixxer handle well, du lịch hồ ba bể and the brakes get the bike stopped. Hard to ask for much more.

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