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Collecting And Avoiding The Autograph Trap

by Jann Beacham (2020-08-26)

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I remember the 1st music autograph I collected it had been a signed album coming from a band anchortext called Slade. I was always enthusiastic about getting albums signed within the 70's and I collected numerous items of signed music memorabilia throughout that decade. Rock autographs filled up my collection well as over time I have collected a huge number of autographs, signed guitars and music memorabilia including several Beatles autographs; however I never did get a John Lennon autograph.

Most collectors of memorabilia may it be signed sports memorabilia, celebrity memorabilia or perhaps the occasional autographed photo usually are not as fortunate as me , nor contain the available time for you to commit to collecting collectible memorabilia. For those who do not have the time but love collecting, they should buy autographs. I myself are actually selling autographs a single form or another for pretty much 40 years!!! Buying autographs can be a tricky business since there are a lot of unscrupulous dealers and people who deliberately forge signatures.

To stay away from the autograph trap is exactly what every buyer desires to do, out of your tender are some basic steps to try and insure your hard earned money is wisely spent. For example if you're looking to buy a signed Manchester united shirt or perhaps a signed Chelsea shirt it will be advisable to buy it coming from a British UACC registered dealer or perhaps an AFTAL approved dealer. You are probably wondering why? AFTAL and UACC are governing bodies who check regularly on the dealers and both organisations have strict policies for the selling and buying of autographs.

Also that will be the country where those teams play! Over the years I have stood outside football stadia to have the occasional football autograph, signed football jersey, signed footballs and those in the U.S. soccer memorabilia. In the UK that is usually a cold and thankless task because sport is played during the winter. I have on occasion had the time for you to jet off and away to the U.S. and do a little collecting there, when inside U.S.

I focus on collecting actors autographs, Hollywood memorabilia, actresses autographs and when I have time I trail throughout the stores in L.A. for horror movie collectables. In fact the final time I was in the States I attended several conventions and memorabilia shows where I grabbed lots of collectible memorabilia namely, star trek memorabilia, the exorcist memorabilia as well as some celebrity addresses of which I will be emailing inside the upcoming months. On the subject of celebrity addresses please be careful as don't assume all celebrity signs all there fan mail, some have autopens and others make it secretaries to sign on there behalf, I have seen many superstar autographs over recent years such as this and have were required to disappoint several fans when I inform them.

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